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Whoa! News: Pinas Actually Has A Faster Average LTE Speed Than The US!

Today in "<em>Weh, 'di nga</em>?" tech news...
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 17, 2015
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In news that had us saying "You've gotta be kidding, right?" a recent report about mobile Internet speeds revealed that the Philippines actually has a faster average LTE speed than the US of A.

That deserves a geeky dance, dontchathink?

LTE philippinesGIF via

OpenSignal, a company that specializes in surveying wireless networks worldwide, provided the eye-popping info. With data gathered from over 11 million users around the world, they came up with this chart:

4g philippines

As you can see, we beat out Kate Upton's homeland by 1Mbps, having an average LTE speed of 8Mbps. However, we fall waaay short of the top spot which is occupied by Spain with a whopping 18Mbps. On the flipside, our bros from Saudi Arabia endure the slowest average LTE speed in the list with a low 3Mbps.

For the clueless on LTE, it actually stands for Long-Term Evolution which is the next-gen mobile standard in terms of wireless Internet connectivity, providing break-neck browsing speeds of 50Mbps and beyond. It's usually referred to as 4Gthe next step from the more popular but older 3G.

However, the report also showed a #BackToEarth tidbit: While we may have bested the US in terms of speed, we suck in the "Time on LTE" department which, according to Yugatech, measures "the percentage of access to the LTE network whenever a mobile user activates data."

4g philippines

We're at a measly 37-percent (second to last in the list) which means that there's a 63-percent chance a local geek will be stuck with the much slower 3G or 2G connectivity every time he/she tries to go online using a mobile network. The culprit: Despite what local telcos tell you, LTE connectivity isn't exactly as widespread here as what they want you to think.

But, whatever! We're just glad that we have positive news about country's online speeds for a change. All that BV we get from constantly hearing that our Internet is crap isn't healthy, you know.

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