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Whoa! Samsung is now the world's biggest handset maker!

Nokia's 14-year reign has ended
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 30, 2012
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When Samsung predicted it will surpass Nokia as the world's biggest handset maker, we told ourselves "easier said than done." However, we also knew that it is doable and, if there's one brand that can accomplish it, then it's the Korean titan. Fast forward to now and it can be told: Samsung has finally snatched the title of the biggest handset maker in terms of units shipped, ending the Finns' 14-year reign.

According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung has shipped a whopping 93.5 million units in the first quarter, a huge 36% increase over the same period from last year. That's over 10 million more than what Nokia managed at 82.7 million, good enough for second place. With its shipments, Samsung now commands 30.6% of the handset market. This is also the first time since 1998 when a company not named Nokia is on top. So, who's at third place? You guessed it, it's Apple, which also had a stellar performance in its most recent fiscal quarter.

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This news came as a bit of surprise to us not because we didn't think it could be done but because of how soon it came to be. But, hey, we're not shocked either given Samsung's coverage of all sections of the handset market. Also, Nokia's is experiencing a decline in the lower-end scene which is bad news for the company given that they're not faring well in the flagship phone wars.

To Nokia, let's hope that your partnership with Microsoft will produce big results soon. To Samsung, congratulations! Now, drop those glasses of champagne and be ready because being the top dog is one thing. Keeping it that way is another.

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