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Whoa! You Can Be A Firebender With These DIY Gauntlets

Straight out of 'Avatar'
by Andrei Medina | Aug 3, 2017
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A fan of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series took it upon himself to make one of the wildest dreams of the show’s viewers come true: control the elements.

YouTuber Allen Pan, who runs do-it-yourself channel "Sufficiently Advanced," uploaded a video featuring his invention that actually lets you spew flames from your fists with a punch.


At first look, the device seems to be a simple prototype strap-on gauntlet with a butane gas can. However, it actually has complicated add-ons like an accelerometer, a solenoid valve and even an Arduino microchip. These components ensure that the flames won’t be triggered by natural hand gestures that don’t use the same force when punching.

Pan then demonstrates his “firebending” skills that leave much to be desired, so he called on Kung Fu master Oscar Perez to show some sick martial arts moves that mimicked those practiced by the characters in the show.

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If you’re interested to build these flamethrower gauntlets, you can check out Pan’s step-by-step tutorial at his Hackster page. Just be sure to be careful. You wouldn't want to burn your house down.


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