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Why an iPad Mini Makes Sense!

Well, if rumors are true, we'll gladly join the iPad Mini bandwagon
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 16, 2012
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Much has been said about the possible launch of the so-called iPad Mini. Last time we checked, the rumor mill says Apple will unveil the much-anticipated bunsong kapatid of its wonder tablet on October 23. Lapit na!

However, the company is still mum on the matter and has not revealed anything, not even a slight confirmation that the device really exists. Because of this, many are still saying that an iPad Mini is just a figment of someone's overly active and ambitious imagination. In other words, baka naghihintay lang tayo sa wala! We can't blame them. After all, as the saying goes, to see is to believe. Add to that the fact that the late great Steve Jobs once said 7-inch tablets will go DOA (dead on arrival). Ouch!

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So, should we file this under the asa folder? Not really. On the contrary, we have a few good reasons to believe an iPad Mini is indeed in the works.

It's about freakin' time!

IF there's one thing clearly different about the tablets of today, it's their sizes. There are 7-inchers (like the first-gen Galaxy Tab), 9-inchers (like Lenovo's IdeaPad A2109), and 10-inchers (like the ASUS Transformer Prime). In fact, several manufacturers have been making several tabs at different sizes for a couple or so years now.

While Apple is still sticking to the good ol' iPad, there's a chance it might go for a smaller version of the device. For those thinking this is a far-fetched idea, just take a look at the facelifted iPod and the MacBook. Sure, they belong in different product ranges but still this shows us that Apple is not a newbie in mixing the sizes of its devices according to what the market dictates, which brings us to our second reason...

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The competition beckons

It's a fact that the 10.1-inch iPad is still the top dog as far as tablets go. However, this doesn't mean that smaller slates are not getting any love. For instance, the 7-inch Google Nexus 7 is being called the best-selling Android tablet ever. We're pretty sure Apple has noticed that there's money to be made with smaller tablets. Also, we're willing to bet that Apple CEO Tim Cook and company isn't too keen on letting the likes of the Nexus 7 have its way in the tablet wars. Therefore, having an iPad Mini to compete with 7-inchers might be a good move not only for the cash registers but also for the whole iOS vs. Android war as well.

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