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Why Are Pinoys Such A 'Cancer' Online?

Pro 'Dota' team OG lets college kids win a showmatch and...get trash talked in return
by Ash Mahinay | Jun 14, 2018
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During Independence Day, a local intercollegiate Dota tournament, Duel: Road to Impetus 2018, had its final game: pro team OG versus a lucky team from FEU that was able to win their way to the opportunity to go up against them, in a one-round showmatch.

OG, despite having a new roster, could have easily wiped the floor with this amateur team—they have winning experience after all, and were even the champions of the Philippines' first pro Dota event, the Manila Major, back in 2016. Instead, they came up with some zany builds (Radiance Pugna, Techies) and obviously let the local boys win the match. What followed next disgusted Pinoy gamers everywhere: instead of saying thanks and showing good sportsmanship, the college boys proceeded to trash talk the hell out of OG.

The organizers issued an official statement frowning upon their actions:

Many commenters took offense as well: 

Photo by Facebook 

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Photo by Facebook

Pinoys are well known for being "cancer" online, and this is just another sad moment that reinforces that truth—it's even worse that this behavior is coming not from kids in a comshop but mature college students. Trashtalking is part of online gaming, but to do it against pro players who generously gave their time for a fun community event like this is unacceptable. The pros even played along and put on a show because no one wants to see a one-sided stomp that ends in twenty minutes.

Hopefully this incident will spur some changing of hearts amongst Pinoy Dota players, but we're not confident it would reduce the large number of "peenoise" who ruin the reputation of the rest of Pinoy gamers everywhere. Truth is, the non-existent decency and toxic attitude of many local Dota players simply reflects the country's general lack of class at the moment. Shame, shame.

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