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Dishonored's Corvo Is This Year's Coolest New Character

Skyrim's publisher has another hit on their hands with this 19th century hitman simulator
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 10, 2012
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The noise surrounding the release of established titles Resident Evil 6 and NBA 2K13 obscured the gaming landscape for us a bit, causing us to nearly miss out on what is a game of the year candidate. That game is the stealth-action title Dishonored, developed by Arkane Studios and published by the Skyrim guys, Bethesda.

Dishonored stars Corvo Attano, the legendary bodyguard of the Empress of the city of Dunwall, a city modeled after 19th century London. Not all is tea time and pastries in the city however as a rat plague sends the city into a zombie apocalypse-style lockdown, with the strings being pulled by an oppressive government and, gasp, unknown forces. One such unknown force gives Corvo—now imprisoned after being framed for the murder of his liege—superhuman powers, for him to use in what has quickly become a quest for revenge, and also a search for just what exactly is happening in his hometown.

With its steampunk-inspired world, art direction that’s as striking as a 19th century masquerade ball, dynamic swordplay that tops Assassin’s Creed, and its open-ended nature, Dishonored has jumped out of the shadows, and shocked us with a sharp-as-a-razor stealth-action experience.

At the forefront is the vengeance-hungry Corvo, who, as any assassin who wishes to be successful in the killing field, is a silent protagonist. Now get to know the masked dude and all that makes him one nasty customer.

1) He's part Pied Piper
Dishonored borrows quite a few gameplay elements from some of this generation's best titles. Remember the superpowers that Bioshock allowed you to toy around with? Corvo has been given superhuman abilities, too, one of which allows him to summon a legion of deadly rodents that can nibble opponents to death.

                                                                  'Go my pretties!'

2) He can move around like Marvel's Nightcrawler
Another cool skill that you can use is "Blink," which allows you to cover distances without the hassles of walking. You disappear and, poof, you're in front of a hapless guard enjoying a knife to the clavicle courtesy of you. Skills can also be upgraded along the way with "runes" or strengthened with "bone charms" you find hidden within levels.

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