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7 Hacks To Prolong Your Phone's Battery Life

Just in case you forgot your power bank at home
by Tanya Umali | Oct 7, 2016
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It doesn't matter what brand of phone you own. Chances are, when you have a new phone, its battery runs smoothly at first, but after some time, it just seems to drain faster and faster. The quest, then, for solutions to prolong the power of our mobile devices never ends.

Smartphone manufacturers roll out a new generation of devices almost every year just to cope with the battery issues of previous models. Many have found temporary solutions, such as power banks and bulky battery cases. Despite these advances, our smartphones still succumb to inevitable battery deterioration.

It turns out that the lithium-ion batteries that most phones have are not as durable as they're supposed to be. According to Jules Suzdaltsev of DNews, a standard lithium-ion battery can only endure around 300 to 500 charge cycles until its power starts to perish.  

In that case, all we can really do now is try to lengthen our phone's power through these tried and tested tricks: 

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1. Lower your screen brightness  

Try not to blind yourself. The brighter the light, the more power your phone has to use. The more power your phone uses, the faster it drains. 

2. Turn off your WiFi

Especially when there's no available WiFi networks around anyway. You might think that turning on your phone's data is the only thing eating up all that precious battery juice. Leaving your WiFi on could also diminish your phone's power. 

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3. Mute notifications

Notifications cause your phone to vibrate, light up, or beep. Naturally, your battery will need to compensate. 

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4. Kill running background apps

Your phone isn't really idle when there are apps running silently in the background. You can turn these off in your phone settings for optimum battery power. 

5. Avoid certain power-consuming apps

Gaming apps like Pokemon GO consume a lot of energy. If your battery is already bordering on low, save the gaming for later.

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6. Don't sync apps with your files

Maybe the reason why your phone suddenly dies out just an hour after charging is because you have synced your phone's files with apps such as Facebook or Google Photos. Exporting your files to other apps demands an extra amount of effort. 

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7. Update your software

Updates are often ignored, but these are very important so that your device can work at peak performance level. They usually contain added fixes to resolve issues that the previous version wasn't able to address. These overlooked bugs can eventually cause your battery power to weaken. 

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