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5 Reasons Why The Heated Android Vs. iOS Debate Is Actually A Good Thing

Android or iOS? While it could sometimes be annoying to hear fanboys talk Google vs. Apple, we're actually glad that this debate exists. Here are our reasons why!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 17, 2014
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The great Android vs. iOS debate has been one of the most heated and enduring tech discussions in the land of all things geeky and shiny. Featuring two of the most popular mobile operating systems of all time, it's right up there with Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Windows vs. Mac, and PlayStation vs. Xboxand no self-respecting geek is clueless about it.

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On one hand you have Android, an open-source platform that is found inside a gazillion mobile devices from a gazillion brands and has been on the rise since its initial release in 2008. Opposite it is Apple's own iOS, which runs the show for the iPhone and the iPadtwo of the most iconic and polarizing devices ever.

Much has been said, numerous geek friendships have (probably) been torn apart, and there's still no clear-cut answer to which one is better. Supporters from both camps will probably cuss and curse talk about it for years to come.

But forget all that for a moment. For we, the resident geeks of FHM HQ, have come up with a realization...

While it could be annoying and nosebleed-inducing to hear fanboys go at it endlessly, we're actually glad that this debate exists. Because at the end of the day, regardless of which software's side you're on, there are many reasons why the rivalry have done us good, from the funny and mundane to the really important like...


When you've got a hot topic at hand, it's just a matter of time before a flood of memes about it arrive. Such is the reality of the current online culture. Since the great Android vs. iOS debate has been going on for several years now, there have been plenty memes made about it.

Here's a nice example Android fans will love:

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And another:

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But because we're fair here, here's a couple for team iOS:

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Bashing aside, these illustrations bring a dash of humor to an otherwise serious topic. But, to be honest, we don't think the heated discussion will ever subside. Sorry, Martin Luther King!

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Gadget brands that carry Android have, time and again, aimed cheap shots at Apple's devices. Of the lot, Samsung has been the busiest, coming up with ads like these:

Video via Samsung Mobile USA

Video via The Verge

You also don't need to look further than the recent iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launch for more offensives from the Android army.

android vs ios

Meanwhile, Apple has been shy in retaliating through ads, but their head honchos have been quite vocal. For example, Apple CEO Tim Cook dissed Android's usage rate last year. And we all know how his predecessor, the late Steve Jobs, was like:

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In any case, the ads related to the whole debate add a bit more spice to the discussion. If you're willing to let go of your biases, you'll actually see them more as entertaining rather than infuriating. So please lighten up, people!


Google and Apple won't admit it, but Android has influenced the development of iOS and vice-versa through the years, so much so that they share several characteristics and features. For example, both iOS 8 and Android Lollipop offer instant updating and syncing for your photos as well as widgets, and even interactive notifications.

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But of course, what Apple and Android-carrying brands want is to get ahead of the competition by offering unique goodies that didn't exist, say, a decade ago. Which is why we have almost sci-fi-esque features like the TouchID fingerprint sensor (on the iPhone 6) and wireless charging (on smartphones like the LG G3).

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Competition breeds innovation, folks!


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