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FHM Reports: The Reason Why You're Experiencing Slower-Than-Usual Internet

Getting pissed at how slow your Internet is? Read on. This could be the explanation.
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 1, 2014
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This is not an April Fools' joke, which is sad. Really, really sad.

If your usually fast Internet connection suddenly became slower or even usad pagong the past few days, this could be the reason: damaged underwater cables. According to reports, multiple cuts were sustained by several submarine Internet cables used by the Philippines located between Taiwan and Japan due to unspecified reasons. Bummer.

damaged internet cables

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In case you didn't know, majority of the world's Internet traffic go through super long cables spanning thousands of kilometers and many countries. This gigantic network of cables is, for all intents and purposes, the true physical representation of the Internet. Check out the image below for a better idea.

damaged internet cablesNope, those are not shipping routes (Image credit:

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"Why not use satellites instead?" you ask? One word: cost. While it's true that satellites can deliver Internet connectivity across huge distances, the cost of doing so is just too damn high compared to using submarine cables.

Two local ISPs (Internet Service Providers), namely PLDT and Eastern Telecoms, have already advised their subscribers about the issue. "The fiber break is located between China and Korea and between Taiwan and Japan. Some PLDT cable capacity was affected but we still have sufficient capacity to carry our traffic because we have two other international cable systems-AAG (Asia-America Gateway) and ASE (Asia Submarine cable Express," PLDT spokesperson Ramon Isberto said.

damaged internet cablesWhen the huge porn video you're downloading suddenly
crashes at 99-percent because your Internet fails

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Meanwhile, Eastern Telecom sent out an explanation to its subscribers, which reads: "An existing submarine cable break at S4A that happened on March 21, together with the submarine cable break that happened at S6 segment on March 23 of APCN2 caused a double failure. Several Eastern Telecom IP Uplinks were isolated as a result." We're not big on numbers and acronyms, but we can clearly tell this is not good.

We also aren't alone in this sucky situation. The damaged cables are shared by several countries in the Asia-Pacific region including China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Malaysia. So yeah, there could also be other Internet users in our neighboring countries screaming "P*ta, bakit ang bagal!?" right about now (in their native tongue, of course).

Now, a bit of good news: Repairs are currently being done to the damaged cables with completion and restoration of normal service slated for mid-April. Hear that, geeks? Konting tiis na lang!

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