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Will We See A Smaller iPad Soon?

Current buzz points to "Yes!"
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 28, 2012
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The iPad is the king of all tablets. That's something no right-minded man would ever dispute. However, according to fresh web reports like this one, we could soon be seeing its younger, smaller bro. When? The buzz points to an October launch, about a month after the next iPhone is expected to be unveiled. Ikaw na busy, Apple!

Online reports also says that the smaller iPad will be called the iPad Mini (duh?). Not so imaginative, yes, but we reckon it will still be a hit given Apple's huge following. Too bad we don't have much details in terms of hardware, other than the display being a lot smaller at seven inches (the current iPad is at 10.1 inches). We're also expecting it to be easier on the pocket. This is: a) good news to those who want to join Apple's army; and b) potentially bad news for Android tablets already struggling to keep up with the iPad.

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The smaller iPad rumor is among the most persistent tsismis regarding Apple's, which means it could have some weight to it. After all, when there's smoke, there's fire, right? Or maybe this is just one of those time our minds are getting overly-imaginative. Anyway, speaking of Apple rumors, check out the gallery below for our roundup of the hottest iPhone 5 rumors.

Source CNET

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