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WINDOWS 10: 5 New Features To Watch For!

So, what's new with Windows 10?
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 2, 2014
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Wassup, geeks?! Have you heard? Windows 10 is now official!

windows 10 features

"Wait, what happened to Windows 9?" you might ask. There's no direct answer from Microsoft, although Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group, did say that Windows 10 represents a whole new generation of devices. That suggests that they want to start on a fresh note, even breaking up with the semi-chronological naming scheme we're accustomed to.

But, whatever. We're just so goddamn giddy about this first glimpse at the next version of the world's most popular operating system evah!

Let us clarify though; what was previewed during Microsoft's big announcement isn't the full, working version of Windows 10. Rather, it's the developer preview, which means we only saw the caterpillar and not the whole glorious butterfly.

Still, we've seen enough deets to know that a lot is new. See below, five fresh Windows 10 features to watch for!


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Did you miss the Start button? Like hell we did! Windows 8 didn't have it; you'd have to upgrade to Windows 8.1 to get it and even then it didn't feel like the one we used in XP and Vista. Windows 10's Start Menu is a return to the basics and will let you once again view your apps programs in neat order.

Bonus: You'll be able to customize what you see on it as well.


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A nifty little button in Windows 10 will open a feature called Task View, which lets you view open apps and programs in neat fashion. No more furious Alt-Tab-ing and CTRL-ALT-Delete-ing just to switch back to that porn YouTube video you've just played!


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When you open an app in Windows 8, it will take up the whole screen. Nothing wrong with thatexcept that you won't be able to resize it and it lacks the close (X), minimize, and maximize buttons usually found on the top-right side of a window. Sure, you can swipe away (in touchscreen devices) or press Alt-Tab if you want to switch to another app, but that's not really our idea of convenience.

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Things will change with Windows 10. Apps, just like desktop programs, will now have the aforementioned options, making it easier for you to switch and close 'em. Gudjab!


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Command Prompt (the feature used to run programs and execute commands in basic, MS-DOS mode) is also getting a small yet super interesting update: It will now have pasting options! This allows you to simply copy and paste commands and directories on it as opposed to the old school way of typing long lines completely. As a techie Robin Padilla would probably say: "Iwas hassle, 'tol!"


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To help keep things more simplified and organized, Windows 10 will allow you to create different desktops. For example, say, you want all your open productivity apps and programs on one screen, you can put them all on one desktop. How about your games and multimedia files? Place them on another! The separate desktops are displayed on the bottom of the screen for easy-peasy switching.

Again, we're talking about the developer preview of Windows 10, so expect a few more new features and changes on the finished product. Speaking of which, when's D-Day? No exact date has been announced although the Big M said it will roll out later next year.

Go, Microsoft! Make us spend proud!

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