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Nov 14, 2014
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Hey Apple, your iPhones are all over the news these days!

Last time out, we told you about the poor Chinese dude who was rejected by his girlfriend after proposing with 99 freakin' iPhone 6s. Now, it's the turn of Apple's first-ever phablet, the iPhone 6 Plus, to create buzz in the Interwebsand this time around, it's for a reason that brings back the '90s!

Geeks, see below, an image of Windows 98 running on the iPhone 6 Plus!

windows iphone 6Image via Bbs.feng.com

Yeah, it made our jaws drop, toolike this:

windows iphone 6GIF via Gifkings.com

Before you dismiss this as a big techie load of bull, this one's apparently real! According to reports, the person behind the trick is another Chinese dude who is also a member of bbs.feng.com, a popular tech forum in the Land of the Great Wall.

To prove it's legit, the guy, who is known only by his handle xyq058775, posted the deets of his accomplishment in the forum. He even posted photos of Windows 98 error messages, which really gives us a nostalgia high.

windows iphone 6Image via Bbs.feng.com

That teal-colored wallpaper and boxy user-interface really bring back memories, no? Oh look, the '90s Start Menu!

windows iphone 6Image via Bbs.feng.com

xyq058775's post in bbs.feng.com states that it took him three days to accomplish the feat with the help of a downloadable tool called iDOS. We did a little research ourselves and we found out that iDOS is an app that lets you run old school PC games on iOS devices. What's really impressive here is our bro xyq058775 used it not for gaming but for resurrecting an operating system from the bauland he did it in only three days! Ikaw na, sir!

We believe iDOS is just the tip of the iceberg here and the dude did a lot more uber-geeky things that will make our heads explode, but at least we now have a rough idea.

Bro xyq058775, your real name might be hidden behind a bunch of letters and numbers but know this: You da man!

windows iphone 6GIF via Pandwhale.com