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Windows Phone devices outselling iPhones in China

A surprise from the land of the Great Wall
by Neps Firmalan | May 21, 2012
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Say what you will about the smartphone wars being an Android vs. iOS affair but, at least in China, Windows Phone looks to be outselling the iPhone, thanks to devices like those in the Nokia Lumia line (and the ones in the gallery at the bottom of this page).

Surprised? We were, a bit at least. According Michel van der Bel, Microsoft's Chief Operating Officer for the Greater China Region, devices based on the Big M's mobile platform now has a bigger share of the Chinese market compared to what Apple's wonder handset currently commands. The difference is not that large, however; Windows Phone has 7% of the pie in the land of the Great Wall while the iPhone has 6%. Just a single point, we know, but that's good enough and Bel is pretty optimistic. "We've only just begun," he says.

Now what's next for Windows Phone in China? Aside from keeping the iPhone at bay, maybe challenging Android? That's easier said than done since Google's pet OS holds almost 70% of the Chinese smartphone market but, hey, as they say, at least this is a start.

WORDS BY Neps Firmalan
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