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7 Wireless Wonders For Your New Computer

Because cables are so yesterday
by KC Calpo | Mar 4, 2018
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We’d like to get two things out of the way. First, congratulations on buying that new PC or laptop! You’re going to spend a few long years with it, so we certainly hope you chose correctly and that it’s totally up for the job. (If you’re still hunting for your next machine, just search through our archives for buying guides!)

Second, we don’t know about you, but we hate having a huge tangle of wires behind our lovely new rig; or having to look for that one irrepleaceable cable to hook up to a port. No, no, NO! The less wires, the better it all looks and feels.

It’s 2018, guys, and wireless is the way to go, especially for PC accessories. We can start with these seven suggestions, and work our way forward until we can finally go full-on hands-free, sci-fi style... say, in a few more decades?

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Combo maker

We’re doing something different for this round. Instead of giving you separate suggestions for mice and keyboards, today we’re sticking with package deals. Well, one package deal, to be exact.

The Windows-friendly Logitech MK345 wireless mouse and keyboard combo connects to your PC via a USB receiver; and each battery replacement (AAs and AAAs) will give you an estimated four years of usage for the keyboard, and one year and six months for the mouse. They’re also designed to be comfortable for long periods of use, as well as spill-resistant for those late-night gaming or cramming sessions.

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The MK345 combo is both available at Logitech’s Official Lazada Store for P1,590, and at PC Corner for P1,498. Logitech Philippines also has an ongoing promo on its Facebook page: Trade in your old wired mouse and keyboard, and you have the MK345 set as one of your exchange options! Go to these stores to avail of the promo, and visit Logitech Philippines on Facebook for the full promo mechanics.

Right in your ear

There’s a lot of talk in recent years about how more smartphone manufacturers are ditching headphone jacks. It’s not much of an issue for laptops and PCs, though, and people finicky about audio quality will always go for wired options. But if convenience and aesthetics are your priorities, you have plenty of wireless options for audio. Like the JBL E25BT wireless in-ear headphones, which we love for its simplicity, eight-hour battery life, and excellent playback quality. Simply pair the E25BT with your PC via Bluetooth, and you’re all good!

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Buy the JBL E25BT earphones on JBL’s Official Lazada Store for P2,499.

All set

Like the aforementioned Logitech MK345 combo, the company’s H600 headset uses a USB receiver to connect to your PC—and enable you to go hands-free. Great sound quality (incoming and outgoing), adjustable band and ear cups, and a maximum operational distance of 33 feet? Perfect for hard workers and/or pacers!

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You can buy your own H600 headset over at Amazon, which lists both new and used-unit or refurbished options. New units cost US$34.93 (around P1,800) minus shipping fee.

Super bass

Want other people to hear what you’re listening to? The Creative T30 Wireless Speakers do exactly that—and give you that additional problem of making people want to stay longer. Whether you’re screening movies, doing a marathon of your favorite games, or cranking out playlists, the T30 will consistently blast out great sound at every frequency. It also provides Bluetooth and NFC pairing, ensuring that everyone can play and play nice.

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Want these speakers on your computer table? Order it on Amazon for US$109.99, or around P5,730 without shipping fees factored in yet.

Stick it

We’ve recommended the Roku Streaming Stick before. You can say it’s not exactly a wireless PC accessory, so it shouldn’t count, right? But we forgot to add one important thing that makes it count in our eyes: If your new desktop or laptop PC is running on Windows 10, you can download the Roku app specific for that OS—and control your Roku device from your computer or tablet. Goodbye, productivity!

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Get the Roku Streaming Stick on Amazon for US$47.02 or P2,450 without shipping fees.

Backup and hub

Of course, you’d say. Everyone needs an external hard drive for data storage and backup. But if you have something like Seagate’s Wireless Plus Mobile Storage, which keeps all your computer and mobile data, acting as Wi-Fi hub for up to seven devices, and provides a 10-hour battery life per charge... well, that just levels everything up, doesn’t it?

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You can have your own 1TB Wireless Plus drive from Villman Computers for P7,999, or PCworx’s Lazada store for P8,625.


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