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World Ender: Pogi Gadgets to Make You Feel Like a Sir

Classy, techie style pimpin'!
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 24, 2012
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You have your clean cut parang naka-pomadang buhok, your bagong plantsang long-sleeved polo and classy pants, your curly handlebar bigote, and your bagong kiwing leather shoes. To top it all off, you also have that mala-hacienderong tindig to seal the deal. In other words, you've got that "Like a Sir" look going along just fine.

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And so you go out into the world, and watch as passers-by admire your enviable clothing ensemble thinking you're some high-class personality (or a weirdo, this one can go either way). And as an encore, you pull out your Nokia 3120..wait, WHAT?!  

If you care enough to dress like this, why the hell don't you have the newest, sleek, all-black new smartphone?

It's a fact: gorgeous gadgets can give that extra oomph to your "Like A Sir" aura. It gives out that impression that you actually have cash in your wallet, and that you're not just acting out your suave persona. Check out the gadgets below (and imagine the look on your friends'/relatives'/anyone you want to impress faces when they see you poking and stroking these beatiful creations) to understand what poging-may-poging-gadget really means: 

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