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Maligayang Kaarawan, World of Tanks SEA!

Epic tank <em>ratratan</em>, now on its first year!
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 30, 2013
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world of tanks sea ph

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate a game that is currently making big waves in the local gaming scene. Happy first birthday, World of Tanks SEA! Isang taon ka na!

April actually marks its anniversary, and we have two personalities who are also enthusiasts of the game who joined in the celebration: Gloc 9 andwait for itJinri Park! Jinjas, unite!

world of tanks sea ph jinri park

For those who didn't know, World of Tanks (from Belarusian developer or simply WOT, is a free-to-play online gamea big reason why it's a hit among local gamers. It features 20th century tanks as the main weapons of destruction with players duking it out with or against each other in different game settings. For example, you can team up with your friends to eliminate enemies or capture their flag/base within 15 minutes in Standard Random Battle mode.

There's also another option where two teams try to outgun and outhustle each other and capture a neutral base, also in 15 minutes. You could even create your own clans and battle other clans in your quest for online domination. Reminds us of the old-school Counter-Strike clan wars, only this time you have big-ass tanks to rain hell on your enemies with. Nice, right?

world of tanks sea ph

Although WOT is free, you can pay real money and purchase virtual gold, which can be used to upgrade your tanks faster and do other in-game stuff (i.e. creating clans, buying better ammo).

Again, maligayang kaarawan, World of Tanks SEA! Here's to more years of explosive tank skirmishes online. Ratratan na!

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