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#BecauseJapan: The World's First Android Newscasters Have Arrived!

See the possible future of news reporting in all its shiny, silicon'd smile glory!
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 25, 2014
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Oh, Japan. You did it again.

As if creepy stuff like weird weddings and panty vending machines weren’t enough, the Japanese recently unveiled the world’s first Android newscasters!

Surprisingly, these buckets of bolts won't give you nightmares about an apocalyptic future; these 'bots look so human-like, we would’ve mistaken them for cute ladies if we didn’t know better (and maybe even begged 'em for their numbers, too). They’re made with TV eye-candy in mind, after all.

Take a look:

android newscasters 

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It’s odd, but the life-like appearance really does increase the creepiness factor. They do need a bit of work though, as their obviously retokado silicon skin, calculated movements, and limited facial expressions give their non-human ancestry away as soon as they speak.

The robotic newscasters, unveiled at the Android: What is a Human? exhibition, are still quite impressive though, as they can do more than just look pretty on-screen. They can read the news, read tweets, interact with humans, and even tell jokes. Click on play below for the possible hi-tech future of news reporting:

Created by Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro, director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at the Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering Science, the robotic pair will aid their creator in gathering data for his studies on human-robot interactions. They will be mostly "working" though at Tokyo's National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation and not in a TV station.

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Sayang, we would’ve wanted them to be in the news just to reduce the number bias reporters see how a robot will react to events filled with human drama like, say, tweens crying because of shortage of One Direction tickets.

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