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The Mi Mix 2 And 8 Other Exciting Products We Want In Xiaomi PH Stores

Show us more, Xiaomi!
by KC Calpo | Feb 4, 2018
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It’s happening: Xiaomi is coming back to the Philippines, almost two years after it left consumers without an official store (physical or digital), a continued online presence, or an authorized service center. No one saw that breakup coming, TBH.


This comeback is much like the move pulled by fellow returnee HTC last year. But while HTC’s strategy is to sell its phones online first (via Lazada), Xiaomi is ditching its old digital-first playbook for the Philippines—a lesson it learned the hard way—and gearing up for both an online and offline return.

According to Yugatech, Xiaomi will have two official stores in Metro Manila: one in SM Megamall, and another in Quezon City (exact location still unknown). For online sales, its official retail partners will be Lazada and Shopee. Oh, and Revü Philippines’ Xiaomi source stated that its physical stores may be open for business this month, “sometime around Chinese New Year." February 16’s not too far away, folks.

So what can we expect to see in Xiaomi’s stores? Yugatech has confirmed that the Redmi 5A will definitely be available locally soon.

Aside from that bit of news, we’re pretty much left guessing until the 16th or so. But these are the nine other Xiaomi products we want to see on the shelves:

Oh, hello, Mi Mix 2. You (and your full screen) look damn fine—and your specs game is superb.

While this flagship device is already available through other retailers, nothing beats going right to the source for our smartphone fix.

How about the Redmi 5 Plus? We’re down with this one, too. It’s bigger than the aforementioned 5A; and offers slight bumps in CPU, GPU, storage, and battery life, among other differences. It’ll also be pricier than the 5A, no question.

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We’re also into the Mi A1, for one reason: no custom UI and bloatware! Instead, it’s an Android One phone, which means we get the full-on Google/Android experience—sans the ewan apps and distractions!

Next on our list is Xiaomi’s Action Camera 4K. We want it mainly because we miss having an actual camera to use, and this small shooter looks like it can do its job well and take a beating. Also, it would be awesome to see people using an action camera not coming from a certain brand that starts with the letter G, because variety’s just nice to see and have.

We know Yi Technology’s supposed to be separate from Xiaomi, but come on. We know it’s Xiaomi. If we’re talking cameras, please bring in Yi dashcams, too— like its new Ultra Dash cam. Just a suggestion.

And then there’s the Mi Power Bank Pro, which offers a 10,000mAh power capacity for smartphones on their last legs for the day. Sure, power banks are a dime a dozen these days, but we’ll chalk this one up to brand loyalty—we remember Xiaomi (and ASUS) as the first brand to popularize small, sleek, and high-capacity power banks at budget-friendly prices.

So phones, cameras, and power banks. Sounds normal so far. Let’s take a look at Xiaomi’s US product offerings.

We really hope Xiaomi will bring in the foldable Electric Scooter to spice things up. With its 18.6-mile projected battery life per full charge, you’ll be scooting for quite a while. Its double braking system will also be used often in standard Metro Manila traffic.

We also want this robot builder and its 978 parts, and we’re not willing to wait until Christmas.

Lastly, here’s the 16-million-color, smartphone-controlled Mi Bedside Lamp. It would certainly make Brick Tamland happy.

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Oooooh, yes you do.


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