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You Need To Watch The 'Fallout 4' Episode Of 'Clueless Gamer'!

Who's ready to return to the nuked-out world of 'Fallout'?
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 10, 2015
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Only one game truly matters today: Fallout 4.

If you're going to buy just one game this year, it's this game. Even if you don't have an extreme fondness for FPS-like RPG games set in a ironically beautiful post-apocalyptic, nuked-out world, you will still like Fallout 4

The reason being: Fallout 3 was one of the games that defined the previous generation of consoles. It was universally praised for its mutated, irradiated, barely-living world and fantastic character-building elements meshed with an intriguing story that further draws you in into its mythos. It was released seven years ago—an eternity in videogame years.

The new game, Fallout 4, officially comes out today (November 10, 2015) for the Sony PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and Windows—but you'll have to check local retailers for in-store availability.  

One gamer though has already had his fill of the new Bethesda Softworks title, the world's foremost expert in clueless gaming, Conan O' Brien. The red-haired American host featured the game in his popular series, "Clueless Gamer," in an episode uploaded yesterday on his YouTube channel.

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Watch it here: 

These are our favorite Conan bits from the episode:

1)   "We're idiots."

2)   "Why am I wearing Microsoft's version of the Apple Watch?"

3)   "Why are we dressed like this? I look like someone who is asked to leave an avant-garde Swedish pop group." 

4)   "No you don't! What do you mean you love that face?!" 

5)   "Oh right, there's a brand new there's NO SEX EVER AGAIN!" 

6)   "That's how I get everywhere in real life!"

7)   "Oh right, you've never been outside." 

8)   "Look at how muscular my ass is. I have an incredible ass in this reality." 

9)   "Have you noticed that zombies come into every game now? You could be playing Pac-Man, and zombies will show up now."

10)   "Oh again, accentuating my powerful ass!" 

11)   "That gun turns them into a minty toothpaste gel."

12)   "Do you think there's a chance I can meet a woman in this world? Because I have a killer ass!" 

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13)   "She just recognized me. 'That's Conan O' Brien!'" 

14)   "Can you turn around so she can see my ass? Turn around so she can see my ass. Why isn't she looking at it?"

15)   "That guy is noticing it, with the bat! Look! He's checking me out! Not what I wanted!" 

16)   "Walk in front of her. Let her see my bottom."

17)   "This is the angriest I've ever been." 

Just how much love are Conan and the gang showing this game? So much that they even dedicated their show's opening to it:

Fantastic stuff!

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