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8 Signs That Say You're An Internet Oldie!

The signs that show you are already an online old-timer
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 13, 2013
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Beloved dudes and dudettes of FHM nation, allow us to pop a simple question to y'all: How long have you been using this little thing called the Internet?

If you answered "matagal na, mga ser!" then we're pretty sure you'll be able to relate to these things that we're about to tell you. If not, then step aside and get ready for a few bits of web history because you can only be called a true-blue Internet beterano if...

...you used to check and send emails via Edsamail

Image via arkanthiel.tumblr

Yes, Edsamail. Rings a bell? For those who first used the Internet in the late '90s, they've probably heard about it, at the very least. Edsamail acted as an alternative email service for Pinoy users who want an account outside of, say, Yahoo! Mail. Fact is, Edsamail CDs used to be given for free before, in the hopes of increasing its popularity. Too bad the site's gone kaput, no thanks to the emergence of giant email services with free capacities like Gmail, especially since Edsamail started to charge annual fees before calling it quits.

...you could recognize modem dial-up beeps anytime, anywhere

Sums this one up pretty nicely...

Before the age of Wi-Fi routers, broadband speeds, and blazing-fast 4G connections, the humble dial-up modem was the key to the Internet for old schoolers. The sound it made while connecting (that whole toot-bzzzt-bzzzt-toot-bzzzt business) was enough to give people an erection. Today, that connection tune may sound like a jumbled mess (and it is) but for Internet users in the days of the dial-up, it was practically another version of Alladin's "A Whole New World."

...you used to buy prepaid dial-up Internet cards

We've seen guys buy this by the truckload.

Prepaid dial-up Internet cards like ISP Bonanza and Bl@st are yesteryears' version of tingi Internet packs. They provided Pinoys with a way to manage their online expenses to fit their shallow pockets while trying to make do with the now-mediocre connection speeds dial-up brings. 

...you connected to the 'net via WAP on old school mobile phones

Believe it or not, this phone can surf the web, too, in green-and-gray glory!

Because, really, there's no other way, unless maybe if you're a mobile tech genius. There's no 3G or 4G and WAP (wireless access protocol) is your only way to go. Sure, the graphics you'll get is just a little bit more than a series of lines, letters, and dots but, back then, pwede na 'yun!

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