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Soon Enough Your Clothes Will Be Able To Charge Your Phone

A special fashion and technology collab
by Tanya Umali | Dec 2, 2016
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Scientists must be working overtime because our technology is getting better and better every day. Innovations are constantly being introduced to the public for a better user experience, especially with our smartphones. Though smartphones are quite useful, we just can't seem to get a hang of how to improve its battery life. 

Recently though, we've heard of news of super batteries with lightning-speed charging capabilities. Before 2016 even ends, another awesome invention was announced. 

Battery-obsessed people will surely love the idea of being able to charge their gadgets with the use of their own clothes. 

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Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have come up with a super-thin clothing material which can absorb light and movement to power up your devices. This means that you wouldn't have to carry around your charger with you every time. Just put your phone in your pocket, go out for a walk, and you're good to go. 

They've been working on it for two years and so far, they've been able to produce a wool-like material weaved together using special fibers made up of solar cells and triboelectric nanogenerators. These triboelectric nanogenerators are able to generate small amounts of energy from friction when they detect the slightest hint of movement.  


The fabric feels a bit thick and rough, kind of like pinya cloth, but lightweight and flexible enough to be worn and made into clothes or bags or blankets. 

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When the researchers took it out for a spin, they found out that the cloth was able to charge a commercial capacitor to two volts per minute. Sure, two volts doesn't seem like a lot of energy, but further testing might be able to lead them into increasing the energy it produces when it is finally a charging a device.

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