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Zeitgeist Time! Top 10 Terms Pinoys Googled About So Far This Year

Google has spoken
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 31, 2013
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Here's something us Pinoy Internet users will surely find interesting: Google's Zeitgeist List!

Wait, Zeit-what? For those who don't speak German, "zeitgeist" translates to "spirit of the times." The Big G expands on this meaning by coming up with the Zeitgeist List, which details the top search terms citizens of the online world have Googled under different periods, categories, and regionsthe Philippines included!

And since we've already bid adieu to the first half of the year, Google have just come up with its mid-year Zeitgeist List, giving us an idea of the stuff and topics that have made it to our online local patok list so far this 2013.

Here they are, the Top Ten Google search terms here in Pinas for the first six months of this year. Check them out and see if you're part of the mob that clicked "search" for them.

Top 10: Nash Aguas

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Starting things off, we have the child star Nash Aguas. With stints in shows like Goin' Bulilit and Showtime as well as in several movies, the 14-year-old has shown he has the acting potential to make it big, which is also why local showbiz is already keeping a keen eye on him. Expect the searches and his popularity to rise even more now that nagbibinata na siya.

Top 9: Lotto result 6/42

top google search terms philippines 1

As long as we're stuck with a third world status, Lotto will be big. You see the evidence with the long lines flowing out of Lotto outlets nationwide. And since we're now in the digital age, that popularity will inevitably spill online, with result postings and the hordes of ticket holders who want to see if they hit the jackpot A-SAP. Hence, its place here.

Top 8: Holy Week 2013

top google search terms philippines 1
At the eight spot we have the phrase "Holy Week 2013." Given that we're a predominantly Roman Catholic nation, its inclusion is not really much of a shocker. Add the fact that the Holy Week, with its pabasas and senakulos, is one big religious occasion that happens only once a year and you'll see why many of us decided to learn more about it through the power of Google.

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