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The 5 Stages of Every Inuman

The end isn't always what you expect it to be
March 22, 2017
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The effects of alcohol vary from person to person, but one thing is for sure: there's a little hit once a certain hump is cleared. And while there isn't one way for a night with drinks to unfold, its still interesting to see how some patterns begin to form. Here’s a quick rundown of the different stages of an inuman, and how our joyously buzzed selves are during each one.

Stage 1: The "One Bottle Lang" Creed
It's really more of a formality to say it. 
It’s been proven over and over again: “One bottle lang” does not exist. There's always the hope that it can really happen; we even swear by the old gods and the new that WE. WILL. NOT. GIVE. IN. But after the presumed one bottle? “Sige na nga, isa pa.” Just like clockwork.

Stage 2: Let's do this
From one bottle to one bucket.
It's not so much that the promise of just having one beer is impossible to keep. But when the conversation is flowing and the company is good, it just makes sense to keep the good times rolling. That usually calls for a bucket. 

Stage 3: The Hit
Liquid confidence has arrived.
You feel it in your fingers. You feel it in your bones. There's magic coursing through your veins and you're feeling really good. You’ve loosened up and you’re more than ready to engage in any type of conversation. No more holding back.

Stage 4: The Friendship Technique
Being the person you would want to be friends with.
By this time, making new friends becomes easy. Thanks to your new found bravery, you just gained another set of bar buddies. What follows is the merging of tables, new topics of conversation, and another round of drinks.

Stage 5: The Responsible Drinker meets The New Girl.
It's the ending you've always wanted!
The Responsible drinker—that’s you!—just locked eyes with a girl across the bar. You invite her and her friends to join your group, making sure they’re all comfortable. So, to have that mahabang-habang inuman, go for a bucket of San Mig Light. With its light feel and body, you'll be able to see the night through with you new friends over even more drinks. And, for sure, you’ll remember saving that girl's number on your phone.

Next time you're out at a bar, pay close attention—a girl might already be sending you signs and you don't even know it! Check out this video featuring Joseph Marco and Tom Rodriguez for a better idea: