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The 6 Superpowers You Develop At Work

Be the hero your office deserves!
January 13, 2017

If you thought superpowers only existed in comic books and movies, think again. Didn't you know you can acquire a variety of awesome abilities by simply being part of the workforce? If you don’t believe us, we guess you could try getting yourself involved in a freak accident or fall into a vat of toxic waste in the hope that you’d emerge a changed man with amazing powers, but why go through the hassle when there’s a much easier way to become a superhero? Here are a few of the super #skillz you’ll inevitably get by sticking to the daily grind:

Invulnerability to bad news
When you’re in manhid-mode, you can get pass any setbacks or discouragement at work. You don’t let project snafus or your boss tearing you a new one stop you from doing your job.

Supreme BS-detector and immunity
Like they say, don’t play a player. You’ve dealt BS yourself before—who hasn’t?—and you know when a steaming pile is getting handed to you. Too bad for them, you’re not buying it.

Time warping
This is one power you’ll have trouble getting control of, unfortunately. Despite your best efforts, time always seems to fly when a deadline’s on the horizon, but slows to a crawl during meetings.

Super speed and efficiency
Be warned, this one usually only kicks in when your life bar is almost at zero (read: the deadline is looming). Thankfully, that last minute power-up is usually enough to get the job done!

The seeming ability to melt into your surroundings
When you get handed a full load, you engage this power to become one with your workstation, all but invisible to the naked eye under all the paperwork and coffee cups.

Superhuman endurance
When your task list is a mile long and the hours seem endless, you can just tap into this reservoir of caffeine-fueled super strength and continue on with your work with unflagging energy.  

These powers might not land you your own comic book series, but they’re still pretty impressive in their own right. Always stay on top of your work by making sure your mind and body are always sharp and ready to take on the world. Don't forget to take Rogin-E, the multivitamin with the unique combination of Ginseng for endurance, Royal Jelly for vitality and Deanol for mental potency. Trust Rogin-E to help keep you a superhero in the office and beyond!

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