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The Differences Between Walwalan And Chillnuman

Which one do you prefer?
August 10, 2017
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There are fundamental differences between walwalan and chillnuman drinking sessions that we should be familiar with. It’s also better to keep them separated because attempting to find some middle ground will only net you a wild inuman that fizzles out too early, or a laid-back one that oddly stresses you out. 

Chillnuman means enjoying the music, walwalan is blasting it

The chill playlist is built on nostalgia—songs everyone in the group can sing along to. Since you’re all lucid, people take turns picking their faves. Meanwhile, the usual walwal soundtracks are club bangers that you set and forget on your music streaming app. 

Chillnuman can start early, walwalan can only start late

Why? Because a proper walwalan will end you, and you don’t want to erase the entirety of a perfectly good day. Meanwhile, a chillnuman can happen at any time—despite what societal norms may dictate. It's also recommended to have something to munch on; practice your food-pairing skills.

Walwalan produces embarrassing photos

It’s more fun to see walwal snaps on the feed–well, that’s if you define fun as people looking all sorts of wasted or displaying a total lack of camera awareness as opposed to people peacefully drinking around a table. If you don't want wasak photos of you on the social media, it would be better to pick a chillnuman.

Chillnuman brings out intelligent convos

A chillnuman is one of the most sacred bonding activities, serving a triple purpose of passing time, entertaining, and relaxing. It is also where intelligent discussions take place (at least that's what we like to think)—exchanging of ideas and even philosophical canons are somewhat common. Meanwhile, walwalan nights almost always bring out heated conversations about inuman's taboo topics: religion and politics. 

Chillnuman makes you think of previous wild moments, walwalan makes you want to chillinom

In today’s meta-inuman theory, we say that these two contrasting sides actually reinforce each other. During chillnumans, you all remember the last time you all got legit wasted. During (and after) walwalan, you all think "I'll never do this again" and resolve to just have a relaxed drink next time. And life goes on...

During a chillnuman you don't have to worry about tomorrow 

Probably the most prominent difference between the two is that chillnuman will not give you a bad case of hangover. It's all about relaxing with your friends and enjoying each other's company. No frills; just some classic inuman with your buddies. This is why when having a relaxed drinking session; it is important have an appropriate drink in tow like Andy Cola. Drink at your own pace without worrying about running out of ingredients due to irresponsible mixing! Just pop open another bottle for more of that refreshing cola and swabe whisky combo.


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