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#TanduayPartyShots: One And Done EDM Wonders

February 12, 2016
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There are tons of dance songs trying to wiggle their way into our ears, fighting for real estate in our collective consciousness–-but only a handful succeed and claim their place in aural history.

And for those who break through, only a handful can replicate their chart-topping success more than once. Most of them just fade away, so this is our ode to EDM one-hit wonders, the people who, at least once in their lives, gave you an awesome song to go wild to.

Darude's "Sandstorm"
Darude gave us only one hit to remember him by, but boy, was that hit awesome AF. Finnish DJ Ville Virtanen released this rave party staple back in 1999 but it seems like this song just won’t go away. So who cares if you have one hit to your name? With almost 35 million views on YouTube and countless internet memes, Darude showed us that quality still trumps quantity.

Alice Deejay's "Better Off Alone" and Eiffel 65's "Blue (Da Ba Bee)"
The late '90s saw a lot of one-hit wonders enter the music scene, but no two songs evoke pure '90s #feels as much as "Better Off Alone" and "Blue (Da Ba Dee)". Released in ’98 and ’99 respectively, both songs enjoyed plenty of airtime (including countless bass-heavy jeepney remixes) but never resulted in any follow up single worth mentioning for the artists who released them.

Stardust's “Music Sounds Better With You”
Another '90s song enters our list with "Music Sounds Better With You", a ’98 release of the EDM group Stardust which counts Thomas Bangalter (a.k.a. one half of Daft Punk) as a member. Stardust is the epitome of a one-hit wonder--they released just one song and disbanded right after.

DJ Sammy's "Heaven"
Calling DJ Sammy a one-hit wonder may be giving the Spanish DJ more credit than he is due, since "Heaven" was already a Bryan Adams hit before he even touched it. And while we cannot deny the fact that his version is as catchy as any other EDM hit out there, we also can’t deny that DJ Sammy never produced another hit after "Heaven", cover or otherwise.

Moony's "Dove" and Bonnie Bailey's "Ever After"
There was a time when summer chill-out hits were the thing in EDM and these two songs represent that era pretty well. A beach house staple ever since they released in the early 2000's, these songs got heavy airtime. But both vocalists never followed up their hits and faded as fast as your memories on the night of Laboracay–-if you could even remember anything.

Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction"
Benny Benassi is probably one of the more well-known DJs in the EDM circuit, but how many Benny Benassi songs do you know other than "Satisfaction"? None? That’s what we thought.

Krewella's "Alive"
It’s probably too early to call Krewella one-hit wonders but know that their most successful single, "Alive", was originally released way back in 2012 (and re-released in 2013). And it’s hard to imagine them matching the success of the song after producer Kristopher Trindl left the group and sued the remaining members, sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, for unjustly throwing him out of the group.

AronChupa's "I’m an Albatraoz"
When Aron Ekberg a.k.a. AronChupa (his idea, not ours) released "I’m An Albatraoz" in 2014, the song became a global hit. We haven’t heard anything from AronChupa as of late and we’re not holding our breaths for another hit to come soon.

Bauuer's "Harlem Shake"
This entry doesn’t need an intro because admit it, you were part of at least one Harlem Shake video. Baauer has released a few more songs after "Harlem Shake", even featuring Jay-Z on one of them, but nothing ever came close to the virality of this jam.

Clean Bandit's "Rather Be"
Clean Bandit released one of the better songs of the EDM era with "Rather Be" and are probably not one-hit wonders in the strictest sense of the term. But when your featured vocalist has more #1 hits than you, then it’s probably not working out. After this Jess Glynne-powered hit, Clean Bandit has failed to reach the top. The closest they got was a UK #2 hit with a song that featured, you guessed it, Jess Glynne.

Rune's "Calabria"
Rune is a Danish DJ and producer who released a little instrumental ditty called "Calabria" back in 2003. He re-released it in 2007 (to more success) with vocals from Natasja Saad who died in a car accident that same year.