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10 Guy Statements, Translated

Because really, 'on the way na' is nowhere near the way
by Wayne Joseph Tulio for | Mar 13, 2016
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Men are often described as straightforward beings. Hence, we have a hard time when girls ask us if they look fat in a particular piece of clothing. But if you think it’s only women who say one thing and mean another, we also have our own code. Often it’s to avoid further questions or someone (usually the better half) getting mad at us. Sometimes, we even use words to set things up to our advantage.

To understand what our brethren are getting at (and for the benefit of all womankind), we decode 10 statements men often utter in different situations.

“On the way na

Translation: We literally just left the house. Sometimes, we just finished tying our shoelaces and is about to get out of our room. Hey, that’s on the way, right?

“Two bottles lang

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Translation: We have no plans of getting drunk tonight, though after two bottles, we're open to anything the tropa are going to suggest. But ladies, you don’t have to know that.

“Have fun!”

Translation: Well, we trust you but we hope you won’t have too much fun without us because that leads to over-thinking. Ano na kaya'ng ginagawa nila?

“Okay naman ah

Translation: We like you just the way you are—even on dressed-down days. Naks!

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I don’t believe in traditional relationships”

Translation: No, it doesn't mean "I'm not ready, but I'll come around." If you’re the girl we want to be in a real relationship with, we would refer to you as our girlfriend, the one, my love, my get the drift.

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