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10 Ways To Impress Kim Domingo At Her FHM Autograph Signing

Tomorrow's the day, gents!
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jan 19, 2017
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You asked, we answered. Here's what you've been waiting for ever since mega-babe Kim Domingo was announced as FHM's January cover girl—an autograph signing!

Dreams do come true, gents. Tomorrow, January 20, 5:00 to 8:00 PM, is the day! 

With this chance to meet the country’s newest Pantasya ng Bayan, don't you want to make this moment extra memorable? To help you with that, we stalked, err, researched some ways in which you could grab Kim’s attention at tomorrow's signing. Feel free to try any (or all) of these...

1) Buy a copy of this month’s issue



2) Better yet, bring a copy of her December 2015 issue, too

Go ahead, don't be shy.

3) Of course, don’t forget this year's Ginebra calendar

More Kim goodies = More chances of impressing her!

4) Practice your tongue out pose

Do this during the selfie/group picture time.

5) Tell her your love for dogs


Show her pictures of your furry friends!

6) Bring her favorite galunggong and talong

Don't forget the rice and sukang maanghang. Yum.

7) Or bring tubs of popcorn

Perfect excuse to invite her out for a movie.

8) Know her favorite songs

...and Facebook Live it! 

9) Don’t forget to wear your kick-ass kicks


Plus points if you're a real sneakerhead like her. 

10) Just be your goofy self


We swear, she'll love you for it.

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