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J. Lo And Drake Getting Cozy, Margot Robbie’s Wedding, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week

Read on for our last hurrah for the year!
by Mars Salazar | Dec 31, 2016
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It's the last weekend of 2016, folks! We're just as excited as you to see this year end…but not without giving you your weekly dose of man knowledge! Read on for our last hurrah for the year:


We're all devastated about Carrie Fisher's unexpected death (worse, her mom Debbie Reynolds followed her to Heaven less than a day after), so it's good to know that her 4-year-old dog named Gary will be taken in by her daughter Billie Lourd, who has her own dog and is, we might add, a total looker like her mom. Gary's definitely in good hands!


2016 has been rough, claiming so many lives and causing so many horrible events. That's why an enterprising dude created a GoFundMe page to ensure that 94-year-old actress Betty White will live to see 2017. If Betty White survives 2016 unscathed, all the money will go to a community theatre. Win-win.


If you guys can still remember Avatar, you'd agree that it was a visually stunning box office hit. That's probably why Disney thought it was a good idea to pattern an area of the Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida after it, complete with rides, restaurants, shops, and bioluminescent plants. Looks awesome!


Kids these days are becoming savvier than ever, and it's actually kind of scary. Case in point: a six-year-old kid decided she'd treat herself to some Pokemon toys a few days before Christmas and promptly bought some stuff on Amazon, sneakily using her mom's fingerprint while she was asleep. Wais!


If you could work for anyone in the world, who would you choose to be your boss? For us, it's hotel broker company founder Ullrich Kastner, who has allowed his staff to go on paid holidays whenever they want to as long as they finish their work on time. Time for a career change!

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So Drake and J.Lo seem to be together now, as evidenced by this cuddly shot they both posted on Instagram. Thoughts?


If you're already feeling guilty about that double cheeseburger you scarfed down for lunch, just remember that The Rock eats around 10 pounds of food a day, including a dozen eggs. No wonder he's huge!


Soft drinks are bad. We all know this. And yet, we still can't get enough of the stuff. So one guy decided to take it to the next level by chugging down 10 cans of Coke every day for 30 days to see how soda can affect your health, and it's distressing. At the end of his challenge, he gained 23 pounds and increased his body fat by 65 percent. Yikes!


In true Margot Robbie fashion, she gave away very memorable souvenirs to guests during her wedding. Not the usual cakes or useless trinkets, but "XIX" tattoos to commemorate the wedding day, all done by the former Miss Robbie herself. Never change, Margot!


Tupac was a rap god all right, but that doesn't mean we should worship him on Christmas. A Sri Lankan church didn't get the memo, though, printing out the lyrics of the late rapper's "Hail Mary" instead of the Catholic prayer on thousands of programmes. A very merry Christmas, all right!


We don't really need any reason to have sex, but in case you're still not convinced, science has found that sexual reproduction can boost successive generations' immunity to parasites. And it's not just with humans—it's actually applicable to all living things. Cool, huh?

While you're counting down to 2017 this weekend, don't forget to set your timer to 11:59:60 as 2016 got an extra second no thanks to Earth's slower rotation. That's one extra second to worry about, folks.



We clearly haven't learned anything from all the sci-fi movies we've been churning out: scientists are now planning to say "hello" via radio or laser signals to the possible inhabitants of the Earth-like Proxima b, before trying their luck at more distant neighbourhoods. They're clearly asking for an alien invasion.

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If you're a guy who flinches when the razor gets too close to your ear during haircuts, you probably wouldn't want a trim from Indian barber Dasharath, who uses just a comb and a goddamn candle to cut his clients' hair. We'll stick with the razor, thanks.


It's official: Scarlett Johansson is the highest-grossing actor of 2016, raking in $1.2 billion in ticket sales. Next year might be an even bigger one for her, with Ghost in the Shell in the works. Congrats, ScarJo!

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