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Build Your Very Own Weapons-Grade Toolbox

When a hammer and a screwdriver just won’t cut it anymore, it’s time to beef up your tool arsenal. Remember: real men use real tools
by Mike Diez | Dec 5, 2016
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They say you become a man when you wake up one morning and you discover that the night before, some fuzz went and sprouted on your upper lip. In our book, a boy becomes a man the day he decides his toys are things better stored in a toolbox. He becomes a real man when toys are tools and they’re powerful, high-tech tools. Granted, these toys aren’t cheap. But you’re in the big leagues now, son. It’s time to come of age and build up your weapons-grade toolbox.

01 Bosch Laser Leveler *, P9,700
Aren’t wobbling chairs and tables irritating? Them manufacturers surely skimped on their levelers. This tool allows you to measure lines through visible lasers, ensuring a level plane on your project.

02 Bosch laser meas uring tool*, P9,900
This precision instrument lets you do away with guesswork when it comes to measurements. “Measure twice, cut once,” say the experts. And that’s what this efficient tool does.

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03 Stanley Precision screwdriver set , P325
Now that you’re grown, stop buying screwdrivers piecemeal. Get a whole set. Not all screws are created equal. This set has six bits, each made for a specific screw.

04 Arrow gun tack, P2,499
Organize those spaghetti cords and cables with this industrial staple. This staple gun can penetrate plastic sheets and even soft plywood. That upholstery project you’ve been putting off?
Consider it done!

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05 Makita hammer drill , P3,799
Spare your digits from unnecessary strain. Let this electric drill do all the work on your small DIY projects. What’s even cooler about this tool is that it’s light—that considerably eases the stress on you.

06 Dremel electric engraver , P1,400
Once you invest in quality tools, make sure to mark them. When your name’s on there, your friends will surely think twice before trying to pass off as theirs the tools borrowed from you.

07 Dremel rotary SPECIALIZED tool, P3,500
Dremel is the go-to brand for rotary tool requirements on various projects. Fortunately the brand is now available locally. This tool comes in handy for both professionals and hobbyists. It is versatile, can replace several tools for small-scale DIY projects, and therefore a must inside your toolbox.

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08 Gardenia garden scissors *, P2,149.75
This rainy season make sure you keep a well manicured lawn. You wouldn’t want creepy crawlers surprising you from underneath shinhigh shrubbery. Cut away with this lightweight pair with a rubber grip.

09 Black+Decker hammer drill *, P2,499
For those hard-to-drill surfaces (e.g. marble, cement blocks), you will need a heavy-duty hammer drill. This one is kinda like a mini jack hammer. Make sure you wear goggles when you fire up this baby. 


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10 Stanley jigsaw*, P5,199.75
Wood—and ceramic tile and metal—projects need not be constrained to right angles. With this jigsaw, you can make more intricate designs—curves, small circular holes, stencils.

11 Lotus drill press *, P7,399
For projects that need precision drilling you will need a press. This one, for example. You can change the drill bits to suit the required dimensions of your project.

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12 DeWalt chopsaw*, P10,999
Get a chopsaw as a safer alternative to cutting wood. This chop saw is powered by a 15 amp motor that won’t overheat. With this one sitting on your work table, your “studio” gets instant street cred.

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13 Lotus bench grinder*, P3,299
Working with metals? A bench grinder is what you need. Buff out metal parts, cut abrasive
materials, sharpen lathe tools, shape pieces into what you need—this grinder does all that.

14 Power 8 workshop*, P32,995
This portable workhorse is a veritable swiss army knife of tools. It includes a hammer drill, circular saw, jigsaw, and flashlight. As if that weren’t enough, it can also charge your tools on the fly.

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Photography by Dairy Darilag 

This story originally appeared in the August 2016 issue of FHM Philippines.

Some edits were made by the editors.

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