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Cool Stuff We Want Right Now: Your Own Flying Pterodactyl, A Moving Hulkbuster Toy, And A Real-Life Bat-Suit

Ready your jaws; it's gonna drop hard!
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 18, 2015
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The week is about to end and you know what that means: another round of drooling and wishing we had all the money in the world coming right up!

A remote controlled flying terror, the ultimate toy for the Marvel super fan, a real-life Bat-suit and more in this week's edition of Cool Stuff We Want Right Now!

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Video via Comicave Studios

Standing four feet tall and with moving parts, this Hulkbuster action figure could very well be the ultimate toy for the Marvel superfan. Too bad it's just a concept which means things like pricing and availability are TBA. Not that we have the cash for it (it will probably cost an arm and a leg) but we're wishing Comicave Studios (the company behind the video) makes this one a reality.


Created by Tim Baker Creations for Super-Fan Builds (a show that builds custom creations of items fans of comic books will love), this potty brings legit Game of Thrones cred to your bathroom break. It's not made with the blood of men, dragon fire, and heaps of precious metals though. Rather, its main ingredients are plywood, foam, and a shitload (see what we did there?) of paint.

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Video via AWE me

No word if retail versions will be made though. Here's to hoping no one dies while taking a crap on it; you know how the show goes, right?


If you have the actual man skills to fix stuff around the house or in your garage (we envy you!), then you're going to love this: a magnetic vest called the Mag-Vest that keeps your metallic tools in place while you get your hands dirty. Because how many times have we lost screws and dropped a screwdriver or two, right?

cool stuff we wantImage via

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The Mag-Vest is currently on Kickstarter status, and you can order one now for $60 (around P2,660) if you donate to the cause.


Batman is still human, which is why his body still needs protection. We're all humans as wellthe very reason why we envy him having a Bat-suit that protects his torso from whacks, punches, pokes, slices, and other things that reduce us mere mortals to a bloody mess. The good news: A college kid named Gordon Jackson has created a stab- and punch-proof batsuit made of Kevlar and durable foam. What were we doing in school?

Video via Armatus Designs

It doesn't look as kick-ass as the movie version, but we'll take it! If ever it enters the market (no confirmation on this yet), we'll be saving up big time because, let's face it, the world is a dangerous place.


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Video via ANAGlobalCH

You know we just had to include a Star Wars-themed something in this list with the official release of geek-tastic new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens yesterday. Here it is, and it's a biggie: a Boeing 787 from Nippon Airways that's painted to look like the iconic R2-D2! Obviously, this one will bankrupt the 99-percent (a Boeing 787 goes for around $250 million or P11 billion), so we'll be happy with a plane ticket.


cool stuff we wantImage via

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Storing all the crap you don't need is a mundane affair, but you can inject a bit of life into it with these Monster Boxes from Fine Line Workshop. Each one comes with sharp teeth and eyes that stare into your soulperfect for scaring your nosy inaanak.. We really like the look because it reminds us of the baddies we slay in RPGs (a box with an ogre face, anyone?). These will be available via Etsy, although the asking price hasn't been revealed yet.


It rolls, it flies, and it will make you drool. Lads, meet the Sky Runner drone:

Video via Mukikim Things That Make You Smile

We could just imagine all the naughty stuff awesome footage we'll capture with it! And, yes, you can buy it now for $64.99 (around P2,900). Not bad for a gizmo that can chase dogs and fly up to 100 feet, right?

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