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Cool Stuff We Want Right Now: The 'New Skateboard,' A Booze Machine, And A Handheld Flamethrower

Time for another round of ogling, drooling, and wishing!
by KC Calpo | Mar 27, 2015
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cool stuff we want

Another week, another list of cool, salivatingly-good stuff!

We have our usual fare of sweet indoors-y products, but since we're feeling the summer vibe already, we included a couple of outdoors-friendly creations for this round.

Ready. Set. Banat!


We've all seen regular skateboards, but we bet you haven't seen this: the Sidewinding Circular Skates. It ditches the board completely, and users simply have to lean from side to side to get moving.

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Video via Raúl Álvarez

The video doesn't show any awesome tricks, but Hammacher Schlemmer (the maker of this product) says skaters can do 720-degree spins with them. The circular skates will also come with an extendable rod to connect the two components, in case you want added stability (and are uncomfortable with the whole no-board thing).

Looks cool, but we know we're going to fall hard on our ass if we use these skates! But hey, #YOLO, right?

Order online now ($99.95 or around P4,500) and you'll get it by the end of April 2015!


cool stuff we wantImage via

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We have two Star Wars-related finds for you this week. First, if you're a big fan of Yoda and the Ewoks, you can now own them in the form of life-sized plushies. Get them, you must. They don't come cheap, though: The 26-inch Yoda goes for $250 (around P11,200), while the 31-inch Ewok has a $330 (around P15,000) retail price. #Ouch

cool stuff we wantImage via

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Next up: Glowing Star Wars 3D Heads. Nerdify your home with Yoda, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett—and make your gullible nieces and nephews believe these characters are really going through your walls. Pre-order them individually over at GeekShak for $49.99 (around P2,500), or get all three in one go for $149.99 (around P7,000) with free shipping.


All hail the extreme LEGO fanatics! Today we're extremely #grateful to a designer nicknamed hayarobi, who went and made a LEGO turntable that actually plays records:

Video via 양승환

Yeah, we'd spin with that. Definitely.

Get more deets over at Popist and BrickInside. Sadly, hayarobi's turntable isn't for sale.


A heads up for those who literally like it hot: The world is about to get its first "commercially-available handheld flamethrower"—if it meets its funding goal over at Indiegogo. Oh, wait. As of today, it has exceeded its goal by over $30,000 (around P1.3 million)!

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Video via The Ion Productions Team

Cookout, anyone?

The XM42 (a handheld, lightweight and steel-clad 87-octane gas-drinking contraption) can set anything ablaze from up to 25 feet away. Before forking over your hard-earned cash and setting more aside for the shipping fee, you better check if it's even legal to own a flamethrower in your location.


In past CSWWRN editions, we've included items that help you showcase your inner comic-book geek. Well, screw all that. Unleash the geek in your entire house!

cool stuff we wantImage via Absolook Interior Design

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That's exactly what one Singapore resident did. The unnamed homeowner contracted Absolook Interior Designs to outfit a home with The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D.-themed décor. Out of all the rooms, we particularly love the kitchen, where The Hulk will always hulk out over hunger...or your meal choice.


Like playing Scrabble? You'll want to have this hanging Scrabble message board for your home; we know we do. Use the magnetic letter tiles to spell out your next words, and the white board on the right side for notes and gloats.

cool stuff we wantImage via

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Get it online at Winning Solutions for $29.99 (around P1,350). The downside? Winning Solutions ships only to the US and Canada, so you'll have to use courier services like Johnny Air or My Shopping Box to get the Scrabble Message Board to this side of the globe.


Living in cramped quarters? Going on a picnic or field trip? Need extra seating for inuman night? You'll want to have the Eizzy Folding Table with you.

Video via izzy swan

It measures 20 x 20 x 30 inches, gives you four extra seats, a small wooden table, and excellent portability. Buy it online via Think Woodworks for $9.95 (around P500—wait, FOR REAL?). Umbrella and picnic gear not included.


Who here wants Jell-O shots? YAY!

If we get our way, we'll have a Jevo in our house, stat. This Jell-O shot-maker can crank out up to 20 shots in 10 minutes, and in multiple quick-chilled flavors. It's designed for use in bars, but...we want one for ourselves, just because.

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Video via Reymond Hernandez

Remember, guys and gals. Drink moderately. And never drink and drive!


Here's a 3D-printed bionic arm named Handiii and made by Japanese startup Exiii:

Video via RuptlyTV

We find it super-cool for the following reasons (aside from its use of 3D printing, and its aim to aid amputees in regaining normal arm/hand actions and movements): you can use your smartphone to process muscle signals, it's made to have easily replaceable parts, and you can personalize the design!

Do note that while Exiii made a prototype for only $300 (around P13,500), the actual retail price will be higher due to various production costs, if ever it does go into production. Keeping our fingers crossed!


Because we're suckers for pizza, here's the Slimer pizza cutter:

cool stuff we wantImage via

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