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The Ultimate P220-Million Duterte 'Happy Happy' Planner

Given the astonishing budget to blow, here's how you can have the most super 'good time' session ever
by John Paulo Aguilera | May 4, 2016
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This week's biggest tabloid fodder was presidential candidate, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's supposed P227.41-million account at Bank of the Philippine Islands' Julia Vargas Avenue branch, as alleged by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

The two camps have since met at the said venue, with Duterte's lawyer claiming they have let the bank open his client's account. Trillanes, on the other hand, refuted this, saying that the information to be made available by the opposing camp will be insufficient.


Even before the intense meeting, the embattled presidentiable had already been asked about the supposed large deposits made by friends during his 69th birthday two years ago to the account in question, one of Trillanes' point of arguments.

Duterte reportedly confirmed the deposit, albeit saying it was definitely "a little less" than what the senator had alleged, and was even quoted to have said about the money, "Wala na, ginastos ko na. Nag-happy-happy ako, a little less than a million na lang."

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Whether it was another joke by the mayor, one thing struck us: Could one really splurge P220 million in what we Filipinos colloquially refer to as "good time"?

FHM tried to organize the ultimate P220-M "happy-happy" session for Duterte and nine of his lucky compadres—because who would enjoy all of this by his lonesome? Apparently, such exorbitant escapade would consist of...

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1) A week supply of two cases of the world's most expensive beer (P12,633,600.00)

Antartic Nail Ale at $800-$1815 per 500-ml bottle

2) A week supply of 20 bags of the world's most expensive ice cubes (P2,138,500.00)

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Glace Luxury Ice at $325 per bag of 50 ice cubes ($6.5/piece)

3) A week at the world's most expensive island for rent (P12,831,000.00)

Musha Cay at $39,000 a day

4) A week at Macau's top sex sauna, with two "happy endings" per day for each of his companions (P3,092,600.00)

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Rio Spa at $470 per sauna session

5) A week with the most expensive female escort (P16,450,000.00)

Michelle Braun at $50,000 a night

6) A videoke session using the world's most expensive entertainment setup (P176,250,000.00) 

TV: Stuart Hughes' Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition at $2,250,000 (P105,750,000.00)

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Speakers: Enigma Veyron EV1 at $1,500,000 (P70,500,000.00)

Although these should be properly declared on Duterte's Statement of Assets Liabilities and Net Worth, same as that of the money used for the purchase.

Total: P223,395,700.00

Verdict: Spending P220M in "good time" is theoretically possible, and he would still have a couple of millions left to spare. All Trillanes has to do is find those beer bottles, vitamin sea groupfies, and that insanely priced entertainment system...

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Photos via Nail Brewing, Glace Ice, Forbes, Rockit Reports, Vanity Fair, Stuart Hughes, Kharma

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