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LOOK: Economy Vs. First Class Airplane Food

There's a good chance you'll be surprised by what you'll see.
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 9, 2016
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Many dream of flying first class. Aside from being an obvious sign that you've "made it," the perks that come with it are enough to make you want to stay longer up there. There's the spacious cabin with amenities like HD TVs and comfy leather seats, a more relaxing ambience, and of course, extra attention from flight attendants.

Oh, let's not forget the food! Have you seen the ads? It's like having a five-star resto at 30,000 feet!

But, is first class airline food really loads better than its humble economy class counterpart? Or have we been taken for a ride by promo materials yet again? A rather informative post on humor and meme site 9gag sheds a bit of light on this issue by comparing first class and economy class meals on 20 different airlines around the world in terms of looks.

There's a good chance you'll be surprised.


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Several takeaways from the lengthy infographic:

- Presentation is indeed important when it comes to first class foods
- However, some economy class meals look more enticing (Turkish Airlines FTW!)
- The portions are not necessarily bigger in first class
- Wine!!!

In any case, we guess we can all agree that, in the end, it's the experience that counts.


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