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This Sweet Custom-Built Man Cave Shows Us We Can Have One, Too!

A haven for your man toys where you can do all sorts of bro-approved stuff. Wouldn't you want one?
by John Paulo Aguilera | Aug 11, 2015
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A place where you and your pals can hang out, where you could keep all those booze, grub, FHM magazines (ehem!), and other sorts of man toys. A space wherein you could basically hole in and live even through an apocalypse (you know we're just exaggerating with that last part). A spot you can call your own, not only because you built it but also because it reflects your identity.

Who wouldn't want one?

If you thought "man caves," which we just described above, only exists in movies or in the realities of the one-percent, think again. One lucky dude right here in the metro not only struck gold in terms of love (having an interior designer as his wife), he was also able to make an ultra-cool dream come true—set up a room where he, the man of the house, can work and play at the same time.

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Sweet, right?

The man, who just likes to be identified as Mr. D, is the owner of a 50-square meter posh expanse pictured below:

Yes; that's an actual automobile inside his barracks of sheer masculinity, for he likes to have his own talyer down there. We almost forgot to mention that he also has three motorcycles, aside from a couple of bikes.

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But it isn't just wheels that Mr. D is interested in; his HQ also houses something diversely amusing—a vast collection of antique memorabilia, some of which even dates back to World War II. His vintage collection includes a wide variety of books, photographs, and souvenirs from his many travels.

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Mr. D points out that his heaping pile of history, which took eight years to put together, usually gets the spotlight. "My guests are always fascinated with the collection. They go through my stuff. They read through the books. There are a lot of things to talk about every time they come in. So aside from just getting together, we always discuss the things that are around my office."

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His may be a tad bit fancy, but the existence of Mr. D's epic den just proves that it is possible to put up your own, tailor-made man base.

Want your own man cave? Get extra inspiration from the one-of-a-kind makeover show Epic Mancave Builds, which will show you how they transform and build the most epic mancaves in the world. 
Conducted by a crew of fabricators headed by Brandon Ruff and Tomas Aguirre, Epic Mancave Builds starts airing on Sunday, August 9 at 9 p.m. on DMAX.

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