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#Ballin: 10 Fashion Tips From Your Sports Idols!

Gone are the days when athletes are only about sandos and shorts and rubber shoes! <em>#MakinigKayIdol</em>
by Ash Mahinay | Oct 23, 2014
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Gone are the days when athletes are only about sandos and shorts and rubber shoes. Today, Dwyane Wade knows what a triple-breasted suit looks like, Roger Federer endorses grooming products, and Tyson Chandler is in the pages of Vanity Fair and GQ.

Enter Pinoy athletes.

Their skills and athleticism may not be up to par with these global superstars, but when it comes to dressing up and looking good, we're right up there with the best of them. Our one good advice? Start taking notes when guys like Alex Cabagnot and Nate Burkey talk about cropped pants and dress shoes.

Read on for some fashion tips from our sports idols!

Is tech fit gym clothing as important as the actual workout?

“It's definitely okay to wear old shirts to the gym…it goes back to being comfortable and also representing whatever you're wearing. My favorite old gym shirt is a vintage black shirt that used to be an old jersey for a team I played on back in the States, and since it was a football jersey it represents me well.” - Nate Burkey, Pachanga Diliman FC

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Is there such a thing as overdressing when it comes to shoes?

“I wear dress shoes whether it’s casual or formal. I just like looking sleek and I like to dress well. It’s not something to save for formal occasions. I’m more into formal attire all the time, so even if it’s not a formal thing, I go a little bit over.” - Alex Cabagnot, GlobalPort Batang Pier

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Alex Cabagnot

Everyone's into cropped pants nowadays, but when is it
not okay to go sockless?

“It’s cool to go sockless especially with the weather in summertime. You can go with that look with some Vans or loafers. Even back home in the States, I go sockless when I go to the beach. But I think it’s just the shoes that set off the whole outfit. You can have a cool top and bottom, but if you don’t have the right shoes, you’ll take away that whole look.” - Chris Lutz, San Miguel Beermen

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My officemates have been making fun of the way I dress. Should I be affected?

"When Cristiano Ronaldo started doing the exposed sock look, everybody started doing it too. Before, I didn't care about how my socks were, long or short, or if my jersey was fit or loose. But now everyone wants to look good. People want to show their own look off." - Marwin Angeles, Philippine Azkals

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Marwin Angeles

Is it a waste of hair product if I put on some wax before a ballgame?

"Footballers like to fix their hair...we all want to look good. But when you are there on the field, it doesn't matter anymore." - Marvin Angeles, Philippine Azkals

Marvin Angeles

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