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FHM's 28 Days of Romansahan Day 24: When On A First Date, Never...

So you were able to finally land a date with THE girl. Congrats, bro! It's all thumbs-ups and fist-bumps from here on out... until something kaka-T.O. happens. Not that we lack faith in you, but contain your eagerness and follow FHM's First Date tips.
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 24, 2014
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fhm's 28 days of romansahan

It’s our favorite time of the year—that’s aside from Christmas and the FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party; okay, it’s our THIRD favorite time of the year! But who’s counting, right? What’s more important is it’s now February. The love month. The okay-lang-magwaldas-para-sa-date month. The only month men are allowed to be ultra-cheesy.

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But do you have any idea HOW to be cheesy? Are you and your girlfriend/missus constantly bickering about your lack of romance? Do you attribute your singlehood to your lack of wooing skills? Well, we’re going to solve these all for you! FHM will be dishing out daily how-to-be-a-Don-Romantiko tips the whole month of February!

Gentlemen, welcome to FHM’s 28 Days Of Romansahan!


So you were able to finally land a date with the girl. Congrats, bro! You're a bit closer to retiring from the S.W.K (Samahang Walang Ka-Valentine) club.

Then, another goodie. Because your over-excited self just can't get over it, you decided to do a bit of sleuthin' via Facebook. You found out she's even more awesome than what you previously thought! Let another round of woot-ing commence!

It's all thumbs-ups and fist-bumps from here on out... until something kaka-T.O. happens. Not that we lack faith in you, but contain your eagerness and chill first. Think about it, a first date is a make-or-break affair that can potentially affect how the rest of your life with this person will go. You can either score big or crash and burn, scorching your mojo to a crisp. We do hope it's the former, so we implore you, please prepare for the big day (like, follow these man-scaping tips).

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And, please, never, ever do the things below.


first date tips
A first date can be deemed as a job interview of sorts, you as the applicant and the girl as the company you're trying to get into. So, like in the corporate world, it pays to be on time. It's okay if she's the one who's running late, baka mahiya pa siya sa 'yo the you act cool about it to further the impression that you're a nice guy. But if it's unavoidable, make sure you let her know ASAP.


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first date tipsAnother tip: Save up for a first date, you kuripot you

When the bill comes along, don't wait for her to grab it. Unahan mo na—but do it nonchalantly! It will be super awkward if the two of you play the waiting game. Plus, it will be bad for your rep if she obliges to foot the bill because you seemed allergic to paying up. Now, if she wants to pay, gently say, "Don't worry, this is on me." If she still insists, then that's your cue to let go. Don't be paranoid, think of it as possibly a sign that she's into you and wants to show that she's not materialistic. Naks!


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fhm's 28 days of romansahan
And by that we mean no picking your nose or ears, no removing of shoes (unless you really hae to *wink*), no biting of fingernails. Basically don't be your "Ew" self. First impressions last, bro. You wouldn't want her to remember you because of your booger? And yes, this applies to all dudes, no matter how drop-dead pogi you are.

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first date tipsBut if she looks like that, then GTFO!

It can be a number of things: she has an attitude that will make Senyora Santibanez look like a saint, she doesn't look half as pretty as her FB profile picture, or maybe she has views that make you want to punch her (but don't). No matter how sucky the date is turning out to be, stay. It will make you look more like a gentleman, which will be good if ireto ka niya sa iba once she realizes that the two of you are really not meant to be. Also, there's a chance she might just be "testing" you, and staying is the only sure way to pass.

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Now if shit happens and you really have to leave, say it politely. If you really like her, then assure her there will be a next time, and you'll make it worth her while.

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