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Cool Stuff We Want Right Now: Giant Action Figures, Snazzy Timepieces, And The Nerdiest Of Night Lights!

We continue our desire for the latest gizmos, toys, games, and other cool stuff we want, STAT!
by KC Calpo | Mar 13, 2015
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Here we go again, laddies. Get used to us wishing to Santa every damn week and adding more stuff to our ever-growing wish list!

This week, we continue our desire for the latest gizmos, toys, games, and other cool stuff we want right now!

WARNING: Reading this article may lead to uncontrollable drooling!


Our first must-have is the Huawei Watch, which was also unveiled during this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Spain. This one veers toward a classic look and is adorned with Sapphire Crystal (for added durability) and is powered by Android Wear, Google's custom platform for smartwatches. As expected, the Huawei Watch also acts as a health and movement monitor; and hooks up with your phone for calls, messaging, and notifications.

cool stuff we wantImage via

There's no word yet on this smartwatch's retail price, but YugaTech reports that it will be made available here in the Philippines. Hooray!


And then there's the recently launched Apple Watch. After years of rumors and speculations, it got the official stage treatment from Apple, as well as a US release date: April 14, 2015. We want to see it mainly out of curiosity—the estimated 18-hour battery life just doesn't do it for us. Also, remember to use the Apple Watch as a watch and not as a phone, or you'll be left with only three hours of juice. Boo!

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Still, it looks damn fine, dontchathink? However, prepare to shell out a handsome amount as the Apple Watch will have a starting SRP of $349 (around P15,500)! If you want something more glamorous, an 18-karat gold version will have limited availability with a whopping $17,000 (around P750,000) asking price. Now that's one expensive piece of tech bling!



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We mentioned the new Hulk figures from Hot Toys in last week's list. Today, we want the life-sized version of Tony Stark's Hulkbuster. Because EFFIN' LIFE-SIZED HULKBUSTER!!!

The maker of this behemoth contraption? Beast Kingdom Toys. The company's asking price for this Hulkbuster? A whopping $21,500 (around P951,000).

Look, if we're gonna piss away our imaginary money, we might as well put a Hulkbuster-sized Apple Watch Edition on this thing.


cool stuff we wantImage via

Since we're on the subject of Marvel superheroes...gents, we bring you one hell of a partnership between Marvel and toy-maker Funko: Marvel Collectors Corps. Get official Marvel and Funko merch delivered right to your house via two membership programs:

  • Collector Program – Bi-monthly plan costing $25 (around P1,110). This will get you a merch box every two months, with items collectively valued at $50; plus special info and offers on Marvel events.
  • Founder Program – $150 (around P7,000) annual plan with a box of merch shipping every two months. You'll also get an exclusive 8-inch Founder Statue on your 1-year membership anniversary and every anniversary afterward, exclusive themed items valued $50 (aaround P2,300) per box, and special info and offers on Marvel events.

The first merch box ships next month, featuring Avengers: Age of Ultron products, including a 6-inch Hulkbuster Pop! vinyl figure from Funko. Sweet! Ant-Man products follow in June 2015.

Here's the downside. We can't get a full list of countries that Marvel Collectors Corps already ships to, but it would really be nice if they can send boxes to the Philippines in time for the local Age of Ultron premiere on April 22. If not...well, there's always Johnny Air.


We've long gone past the age when we were afraid of the dark, but... We still want ALL THE RETRO NIGHT LIGHTS from Etsy seller BurntPixels.

cool stuff we wantImage via

We're quite in love with the Super Mario Question Block box (P1,141.55) and Pac-Man box (P2,648.40 if already assembled). Your girl will like the earrings and necklaces, too. Win-win!

Bonus geek points if you get the Pixel Nostalgia Duvet Cover we spotted last month!


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Storytellers are getting even more creative these days; it's not enough to publish your novels, e-books, and story collections anymore. Here's another awesome Kickstarter find—The Family Arcana, a fictional story told through a deck of cards.

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Here's the description from its Kickstarter page:

"The Family Arcana is the work of author Jedediah Berry. It is the portrait of a sprawling family bound to their decaying farmhouse by a web of passions and strange obsessions. Sleepwalking Mother, heartbroken Father, bitter old Grandfather, loopy Grandmother, a jittery flock of suspicious aunts, uncles, and cousins: all their stories are told by the children of the house, who are impossibly numerous, darkly vindictive, and ever watchful."


Since the story's told as a card game, every card dealt shifts the plot and leads to new developments, like an open-ended RPG.

The Family Arcana has few days to go in its Kickstarter campaign, but it's already more than $24,000 (around P1 million) over its initial funding goal. Congratulations, Ninepin Press!

You can still back it for $12 (around P530) to get a full deck of cards, to as high as $300 (around P13,300) or even more to get a new part of the story printed on a custom card, along with other special The Family Arcana merchandise. All card decks and merch will be sent to backers by August 2015.


So you're trying out the "lumberjack" beard, currently sported by Hollywood actors Chris Evans, Andrew Garfield, and Chris Pine. Or maybe you think Movember shouldn't be limited to November. That's cool, that's cool. Keep it lush, boys.

But if all that hair's literally getting in the way of your daily cup of coffee (or any drink), you need the Bucardo Mug.

cool stuff we wantImage via

This 13oz mug's built-in mustache guard keeps your facial hair dry as you drink up, and has artwork featuring a man whose mustache obviously tops the one on Captain Hook. Buy it from Bucardo at $22 (around P1,000).


A new Apple MacBook was unveiled earlier this week, and the it's the thinnest MacBook ever. It also has nice hardware (Intel Core M processor for speedy and power-efficient computing, up to 8GB RAM, higher-than-HD-display), and comes in metallic gold!

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apple macbook 2015

Now that's one pretty-looking gizmo right there, and it's set to be available worldwide next month. Now, where can we get P64,990 (the new MacBook's Philippine starting price)?


You can take selfies with your phone or with a digital camera. Or you can take your narcissism to the next level with the Podo Selfie Camera.

cool stuff we wantImage via

This cute little Bluetooth thing is trying to kick the selfie stick out of the game. You can place the Podo on any wall thanks to the adhesive pad on the back; and even reposition it facing upward, downward, or sideways to get the right selfie/groupfie angle. Instant photo booth and no more unsightly metal stick or awkward arm to be seen in the frame!

Podo's Kickstarter campaign still has over a month to go, but it's already fully funded. You can still back it if you want, although you'll have to wait until August 2015 to get it if you live in the US. Or at least know someone who can ship it to you from there. Let's see... *scans contact list*


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Fans of Big Hero 6, here's something for you! This Baymax LED lamp will light up your bedroom in case you're still crying to your momma about that monster beneath your bed. It also boasts of a USB port so you can juice it up with a powerbank and bring it with you as well. It also has different light modes, like the  "soothing sleep" option, where the light slowly dims to help you get to dreamland faster.

This insomniac-approved lamp is now available for $50 (around P2,200) via Brando.


At just over two feet tall, this Darth Vader action figure will dwarf any Star Wars item you have right now. (Unless, of course you have something bigger. In that case, patingin!)

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Set to be available next year for $500 (around P22,100), it's bound to impress any Star Wars fan who steps inside your man cave. And if the fan's a she then you now have the perfect ice-breaker that might just lead to something hotter.

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