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17 Times FHM Cover Girls Got Ballsy During Interviews

These confident women refused to be stereotyped as mere sexy stars
by John Paulo Aguilera | Mar 9, 2017
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Yesterday, the world commemorated International Women's Day through protests, talks, and features on women empowerment.

In our 17-year history, FHM has witnessed the evolution of the female populace and listened to what they have to say. The cover appearances have served as an avenue for women to take pride in their sexuality, while helping us men better understand the opposite sex.

There were times, though, in which cover girls did more than strike a pose to get their message across. Here are 17 instances when our muses got real about womanhood in interviews.

Mylene Dizon (June 2001)

Taught FHM readers to respect a woman who follows her heart

"If [cosmetic surgery] makes you feel better about yourself, then go ahead! Let's not be hypocritical. I know that I'm probably going to get a facelift or some liposuction done when I grow older, but I'm going to do it only because I want to."

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Giselle Toengi (July 2001)

Taught FHM readers that a woman's sexiness is more than having all the right curves in all the right places

"I think my sexuality doesn't come from that. I'm happy with my body right now. But yes, I have considered getting a boob job a lot of times. And many have told me, 'Boobs na lang ang kulang sa'yo. Yun na lang and perfect ka na. But I refuse [to have my breasts enhanced]. Right now, I'm comfortable about my body. I'm confident. I don't think I need it for my ego because my ego is just fine."

Nina Ricci Alagao (November 2001)

Taught FHM readers to be appreciative of what God gave them

"I'm very happy with the way I am now physically. I think I need a little bit of workout. I'm not going for breast implants or anything like that. I want it hard-earned. If I can't grow them, this is it. Liposuction is not an option for me. You don't even need to have fat sucked out, that would be overkill. I'm very happy being me. I'm glad I've been gifted with my hips.

Dina Bonnevie (December 2001)

Taught FHM readers that being sexy isn't defined by skimpy clothing

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"Actually, I never thought I'd one of FHM's 100 Sexiest Women, let alone be doing an FHM cover. The movie (Tatarin) itself isn't really sexy. It's actually more about women's empowerment. It's set in the 1920s, when women's attitudes toward sex were not as liberal as they are now. Women were not allowed to enjoy sex, and if they were well-off, they were required to wear tons of clothing. My costume itself is made up of around seven skirts! But underneath they'd be wearing lace camisoles."

Maui Taylor (April 2002)

Taught FHM readers to not take shit from anyone

"If I'm going out with a guy and I find out that he said something foul about my family, patay siya sa akin. Kung may problema siya sa akin, he has to deal with me. Ayokong ginagawang dahilan and pamilya ko, ayokong may sinasabing masama about them. Of course, if he insults me, lalo siyang lagot. I once hit a guy with my cellphone. Putok talaga iyong noo niya."

Diana Zubiri (December 2002)

Taught FHM readers that they deserve to be respected, no matter what

"Kung ano ang pakikitungo ko sa isang fan, ganoon na din ang ugali ko sa lahat, para hindi masabihang pumapabor ako. I haven't encountered any unruly fans yet, thankfully, pero kung may bumastos sa akin, babastusin ko ko din sila sa parehong paraan. Kung salita, e 'di salita din ako. I understand that my job may not seem so decent at times, but it's just a job. Huwag mo naman ipamukha sa akin na bastos ako."

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Juliana Palermo (May 2003)

Taught FHM readers to love their bodies

"Yeah, well, I see nothing wrong with my body so why should I try to hide it. For all I care, people can look, as long as they don't try to harass me or come up to me and say stupid things. If I can walk around here in a two-piece, I would.

Katya Santos (December 2003)

Taught FHM readers to embrace women who do what they think is good for them

"No one's ever really told me na pangit yung ginawa kong televised liposuction. For me, I did it because my doctor just requested it. The upside was, other women's minds were opened to the possibility of liposuction without the social stigma attached to it. Kumbaga, parang pinabilis mo lang yung exercise mo. Plus, napaganda ko yung katawan ko, which is basically important in my line of work."


Katrina Halili (February 2008)

Taught FHM non-believers to just get real

"May mga ibang tao na sinasabi 'Ayoko mag-FHM!' na tipong may kadiri effect pa. Minsan gusto ko silang tanungin: 'Bakit, ano ba sa tingin nila ang pinaggagawa namin sa FHM?' Nakabubuwisit sila. Kasi ako—and for sure lahat nang nagka-chance maging cover girl at nai-feature niyo—hindi nalalaswaan. Ang sa akin lang, siguro hindi sila confident. Sabihin na lang nila na hindi pa nila kaya, na hindi pa sila ready. Aminin na lang sa sarili na hindi carry!"

Alessandra de Rossi (March 2008)

Taught FHM readers the real meaning of sexy

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"Ako alam ko sexy ako. Sila hindi. Ha ha ha! Problem nila yun. My attitude is sexy. My confidence is sexy. Sa totoo lang, proportioned naman ang katawan ko. Hindi naman sa pagpi-feeling, pero may laban din naman ako kahit papaano."

Iwa Moto (September 2008)

Taught FHM readers about having the right mentality

"Turo sa akin yan ni Katrina. Kung gusto mong mag-excel ka sa ginagawa mo, like sa pag-aartista, isipin mo lagi na maganda ka, na ikaw ang pinakamaganda sa lahat. I apply that mentality all the time. Iniisip kong ako ang pinakamagandang babae para di ako mahiya. Kailangan lang naman na mag-sink in yon, kahit alam ko naman na hindi pa rin, ha ha!"

Mariel Rodriguez (December 2008)

Taught FHM readers to be true to themselves

"I can't please everyone, so thank you for liking me. Those who don't, sorry but this is me. I'm kikay, noisy. I'm real. Ha ha!"

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Maggie Wilson (March 2009)

Taught FHM readers to let loose

"I'm very comfortable with myself, my body, and sexuality—or whatever it is you want to call it. I'm very comfortable. I don't understand it sometimes, but I just love the whole concept of feeling good about yourself, feeling sexy, feeling confident. I don't see any problems about that so it's all good. I'm cool."

Aubrey Miles (July 2009)

Taught FHM readers that being a mom doesn't equate to regression

Asked if she's still open to do sexy roles: "Oh yeah. I would actually be proud to do that. I'm not boasting ha, pero imagine I have two kids pero I still have my body."

Paw Diaz (August 2009)

Taught FHM readers to use their 'payat days' photos as 'fitspiration'

"Kasi hindi naman forever ganito ang katawan ko, di ba? Maganda yung mga picture ka para pagtanda mo, may maipakita ka sa mga anak mo. And sa sarili ko na rin, para kapag napapabayaan ko na ang sarili ko sa kusina, and when I see my picture, ma-iinspire ako mag-diet ulit. Ha ha ha!

Valeen Montenegro (July 2015)

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Taught FHM readers to not give a fuck about what others think about them

"Bring it (no-holds-barred comments). Bring it on! Whatever they say, good or bad, as long they're honest. But kung feel ko maganda ako sa cover, sorry na lang sila—mag-selfie pa ako, ha ha!"

Yam Concepcion (September 2015) 

Taught FHM readers to be more self-assured as they mature

"Ngayon mas confident ako, maybe because I've grown and I feel like I'm a woman and it should be celebrated. Dati kasi parang may wall ako, so ngayon I want to be open—this is me and this is how I do it! Ha ha!"


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