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How To Buy Sexy Lingerie For Your Girl (And Not Look Like An Idiot)

It's not as easy as asking for a black lacy bra
by Khatrina Bonagua | Feb 9, 2017
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Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching. And in case you’re still in search of the best gift to give your partner this year, skip the flowers and chocolates for now. Why not give her something she could actually use, like a fancy piece of lingerie.

Finding the right kind of sexy bedroom-wear can be quite the ordeal, especially if you’re clueless AF about what will look good on her, and at the same time, what she'll be totally comfortable in. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. You can barely buy underwear for yourself, what more for your honey with high standards.

Don't give up, though. Shopping for the perfect nightie might be difficult, but you'll reap the rewards once the job is done. Just follow these simple rules and, hopefully, you'll be lording over a hot and heavy between-the-sheets sesh come V-Day.

1) Buy it for her, not for your selfish plans later

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Valentine's is a day to show her you care. So even though that lacy bra and those crotchless panties you've just purchased are really for your eyes only, don’t make it about you, mister. Remember that buying her lingerie isn't merely for the NSFW activities you've been fatasizing about inside that dirty little brain of yours. You want her to feel sexy, so choose something that's a little timeless and can be considered classy. You'll be ripping them off anyway.

2) Buy something she can integrate into her wardrobe

Lingerie is not just a prop for lovemaking. Treat lingerie the way you’d treat her other clothes—it's like normal underwear, only way sexier. So you have to make sure that she can use what you're buying on a daily basis. “Lingerie is supposed to make her feel sexy everyday—inside and outside the bedroom,” says lingerie designer Cheska Cadorniga of SEFRA Babewear. Remember to avoid those complicated straps and wild designs as much as possible...unless of course she's into that sort of thing. 

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3) Know her size

Nothing is worse than ill-fitting lingerie, so make sure that you know her size. Unless the shop has a return policy, then it’s okay to take a risk on lucky guesses. But to be sure, lingerie maker Erika Gegato of Plain Jane Intimates suggests sending a picture of your girlfriend to the lingerie store so they can estimate what fits her best. There's nothing like a woman's eye to help out a sartorially naive bro.


4) Be mindful when choosing the material

Cardoniga and Gegato suggest that lacy lingerie is always the best choice as that usually is the best-selling among all of their items. For bras, go for bralettes (soft bras, no underwires), as they are the most comfortable to wear. “Ang wired bras kasi kailangan sinusukat talaga para sure na comfortable at tama yung fit. Unlike lacy bralettes that will fit anyone as long as you know if someone’s a small, medium, or large,” Cadorniga shares. Bralettes can also double as a top for your girlfriend.

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Gagato adds that scalloped bralettes with a front-hooked closure are the perfect piece to buy for your lady. “Stick to black and red—by red, I mean blood red.” 

As for the underwear, thongs are a no-no. “Women prefer the boxer-type underwear as it accentuates their curves more, plus they can wear it even under their pants and skirts whenever they feel the need to be sexy,” Gagato notes.

5) Buy something you think is sexy, but be realistic

“A girl can feel sexy on her own pero malaki ang impact if you think she does look sexy in what she's wearing,” Cadorniga says. The point being: don’t forget to verbally praise your girl as it can make her feel sexier and more confident. She went out of her way to put it on for you. The least you can do is return the favor by making her feel pretty.  

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6) Know her style

“If she's not a girly girl, don’t suddenly expect her to wear ruffles and pink. If she's not comfortable or feeling like herself in what she's wearing, she won't exude sexiness,” Cadorniga adds. “Don’t make her wear something too bold for her personality.” Those whips and chains you bought might be out of the question.

7) Buy online if you’re too shy to go inside a store

If it’s too awkward for you to visit a lingerie store and ask for assistance, you can opt for ordering lingerie online. So many stores are offering lingerie with a wide range of choices. Don’t be shy to message and ask the seller questions. “We won’t judge you,” Gegato ensures. Plus, they’ll deliver it right to your doorstep. Now, like a sweaty roll in the sack, that's what we call quick and shameless! 

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