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LOOK: The History Of Money In One Neat Infographic!

Unlike your hard-earned but ultimately short-lived sweldo, currency has been around for a long, long time.
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 11, 2015
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We use it to bribe and gamble buy things for necessity and extravagance, but do we really know anything about money beyond its power to show others that "we've made it" and sustain our materialistic existence?

In stark contrast to our short-lived salaries, money has come a long, long way and has been around since ancient times, although its form is, understandably, a lot different then from what we see now.

So, before you spend that hard-earned katas-ng-dugo't-pawis of yours, stop and think first of the road it took to get to your palms. No, we're not talking about that ATM around the corner.

See below, the history of money in a super informative infographic by financial investment site

history of money infographic

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Yesonce upon a time coins and bills weren't used to purchase stuff (in case you were always dozing off in your elementary history class). Instead, cows, shells, seedsbasically any useful commoditywere exchanged to receive the things ancient people needed a.k.a. barter change.

The thing that really surprised as though is just how massive (physically, not financially) a million dollars is! #MindBlown

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