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How To Pack Light This Summer, According To Travel Bloggers

Packing last minute is one bad habit that should stop
by Vinz Lamorena | Mar 5, 2018
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Most of us would rather leave packing for a trip at the last minute, dumping everything we think we need in the roomiest bag we could find. Your shirts can get wrinkled, stuff can be left behind, or you might end up lugging too many stuff around if packing is not done right.

Now, if you want to start packing ultralight for your next getaways, packing last minute is one bad habit that should stop. We asked three bloggers who are always on the go for their top tips in surviving a weekend away with just a backpack—and it’s time to take some notes:

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“I keep things in a minimalist way when it comes to packing,” Marky Ramone Go (@nomadicexperiences) shares. “That means one shirt, underwear per day and pants and shorts covers at least 2 days each. Then I add one set of clothes for emergency purposes.”

Getting travel packs, or small kits that help compartmentalize big bags, is also a must for the blogger. It helps keep things organized and makes unpacking at your accommodation a breeze.

“I roll all my clothes very tightly and store them in one or two travel packs. Another pack includes my laptop because I work anywhere, and my camera and mobile phone chargers. My ‘pogi pack’ only includes a shaver, toothbrush and toothpaste,” Marky adds.


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Jelito de Leon (@jelitodeleon) says if you just “think” you’re gonna need it, it’s best to just leave it at home.

“If you're not sure if you're gonna use it, you probably don't need it. I usually commit this mistake and always have to remind myself to make sure I only bring what I need,” he says.

“Also, to avoid over packing, set enough time to pack! Never pack last minute,” Jelito shares.

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Rolling your clothes is the best way to save space in your luggage. But the light packer in Ged Robles (@gedrobles) takes it a notch higher.

“I place clothing made of thin materials on top of one another and then I roll them together. It usually works well with undies, socks, sandos, and shorts,” Ged recommends.

The lifestyle blogger also emphasizes to bring only what you need and are sure you would use. Only bring one or two sets of clothes in case you get stranded in a terminal.

“Bring an ecobag! It’s super useful,” Ged shares. This genius hack not only helps unload your backpack of the dirty clothes and creates more space for your shopping loot and pasalubong!

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