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I Wouldn't Go In There: Haunted Places in Asia

Nat Geo&rsquo;s new show, <em>I Wouldn&rsquo;t Go In There</em>, is real ghost stories done right
by Ash Mahinay | Aug 30, 2013
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We love watching National Geographic because it lets us explore the world from the relative safety and comfort of our couches. However, we occasionally do get the itch to actually go out and Live Curious for real. But wait, you cry: All the cool stuff NatGeo does is on the other side of the world! Well, aside from that Locked Up Abroad ep with the drug smuggling in Sagada. That was the bomb.

That’s why we’re stoked for their new series, I Wouldn’t Go In There. IWGIT features urban explorer/blogger with slightly distracting man bun-hair, Robert Joe, as he explores famously haunted locations around Asia. Our man RJ isn’t exploring to find ghosts or prove they’re real though. Rather, he’s out to discover the history behind a place, his first question always being: What really happened here?

This isn’t Ghost Lab bros, so put your ghost-busting P.K.E. meters away. If you’re one of those skeptical types who doesn’t believe in ghosts, third-eyes, and all that voodoo, this is the show for you.

The program’s modus of finding real historical basis to explain ghost stories is a compelling watch, but that’s not the best part about this new series. It’s the fact that they featured the hella creepy Clark Air Base Hospital! Hella creepy we know, because we actually viewed the episode while inside the hospital itself! You haven’t experienced terror until you’ve watched TV in an abandoned hospital with the chill night wind in your hair and, possibly, a spirit hanging on from your shoulders.

                                                  Good thing there were TVs to distract the spooks.

Without spoiling the show, we’d like to say that we still learned something new about Clark, such as its gruesome wartime role when the Americans were still around. As for the ghost stories’ veracity, we’ll leave it up to you to decide. The episode in which the hospital was featured though already aired last August 23. We posted the replay schedules at the end of the article, so you can try to catch it then.

                                                                                         Not scared at all: vandals

Visiting the real thing also proved to be a tense experience, starting from the creepily overgrown shrubbery of the area. Entering the condemned hospital’s premises was a treat of dread. Seen without the production value of a TV expedition—our imaginations happily filled in the scream noises and scary background music instead. Good thing we had Sanya Smith to provide good vibes and some ethereal protection from the Esoteric Society of the Philippines, or else we wouldn’t have gone in there ourselves!

If you're looking for more scares, head on over to the next page to see previews of the other scary places that the show dare visited.

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