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This Desk Is For Those Who Are Just Too Busy To Go Home And Sleep

Talk about sleeping on the job...
by FHM UK | Sep 28, 2015
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There’s something inherently brilliant about sleeping in a bed that you own, isn’t there? Yeah, hammocks are cool and hotels are swanky, but nothing beats your own mattress.

Step forward the NapDesk (which is what we’re going to call it, because the NapDesk deserves a cosmopolitan mashup name), which is basically for everyone who loves their job so much that they hate their own bed.

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The work of a design studio from Greece, Studio NL–it’s got an IKEA-childrens-section vibe.

But regardless, imagine spending a whole lunch hour literally resting your eyes! Imagine never commuting home ever again because you already have a bed at your desk! Imagine losing every single one of your friends because of it!

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Anyway, the NapDesk is here and if we’re being honest (and you don’t want to get sacked), you probably shouldn’t get one.

Photos via A' Design Award & Competition's official website
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