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Jobs You Should Apply For If You're Social Media Savvy

Your time spent browsing Facebook could help you earn big time
by Tanya Umali | Dec 1, 2016
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We spend most of our time glued to our computer screens. Obviously, the reason why we're so busy looking at the Internet all day is because we are constantly curious about social media content. It has become such an important part of our daily lives that it's hard to separate our daily routine from it. In fact, a study shows that we spend at least 5.4 hours per day just browsing through our news feed, sometimes even more. 

That's a lot of time wasted. If you're addicted to social media , like Twitter or Facebook, why not put your obsession to good use? 

Companies are constantly using social media to manage their businesses. You might want to consider a change of career, which mixes both work and your love for insta-sleuthing and double-tapping. At least you'll get paid to do something you like. Here are a bunch of social media related careers that you should consider looking in to:

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1) Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialists are the ones who strategize for clients. Although it sounds serious, this job actually requires you to be on social media 24/7. Your tasks would include monitoring all the conversations made on the brand's account to learn about what sort of content will engage their particular audience. 

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2) Social Media Manager

They are responsible for the marketing and different social media campaigns.  


3) Social Media Analyst

If you like number crunching, then being a Social Media Analyst is the job for you. Your tasks would include looking at metrics and constantlly changing trends in order to come up with a highly lucrative social media plan.

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4) Social Media Coordinator

The task of the coordinator is a bit self-explanatory. You'll just have to make sure that posts go live all the time, which means you'll have to monitor the social media account of the company every day. You will also be the one assigned to come up with the captions on the company's profile page. 

5) Social Media Planners

They come up with innovative ways to advertise the brand. This post might include the handling of budgets. 

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