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Lauren Reid Is Giving Nadine Lustre A Run For Her Money

James Reid's stunning sister is more than capable of stealing the limelight
by Khatrina Bonagua | Nov 18, 2016
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Lauren Reid, to put things simply, is actor James Reid's hot sister.

23-year-old Lauren started getting a fair share of the spotlight after her brother posted photos of her on his Instagram account five months ago. He even made a mock magazine cover to show everyone “What you’re all missing out on.” Look:

And that, everyone, was how the career of this gorgeous woman was launched. 


After that post, numerous of magazine features (and even covers!), endorsements, and TV guestings, fell (and are still falling) on Lauren’s lap. There’s one for Cosmopolitan Philippines: 

And a cover for Preview, too:


Well, we can’t blame our sister titles for choosing her—she has the face, the body, the personality, the talent, and even a really cute accent, too!

Obviously, just like everyone else, we are now officially hooked on the latest hot ingenue. And to inject you with the Lauren Reid fever, we gathered her most double-tap worthy Instagram posts because she's more than deserving of the attention.


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