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Living a Fuller Life (Not Having Abs) Should Be Your Fitness Target This Year

For 2017, it's time to think beyond looking good at the beach
by Wayne Joseph Tulio | Jan 1, 2017
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It’s that time of the year again when most guys start setting their balik-macho goals for the new year. Once the debauchery and eating marathons of the holidays come to a close, it’s all about the aspirations of looking good with and without a shirt on.

During this stage however, is where most guys make the mistake of setting aesthetic-based goals. Specifically, working on getting their ab-muscles to pop.

While a washboard mid-section will certainly turn heads at the beach, making it into a goal can be a problem as it can lead to disappointment or worse, forgoing fitness routines all together because it’s too damn hard. If you’re really serious about setting goals and getting fit, it’s time to think long term.

It’s time to put this goal down instead: Get fit now to live fuller life. If this sounds a bit broad, here are three reasons this goal makes more sense than unleashing your six-pack.

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A six-pack is an indicator of low body-fat percentage, not of health nor strength. 
Notice how skinny teenage boys have abs yet can’t lift a bag full of groceries? A six-pack simply means that a person has a body percentage in the single digits. Simply put, you can starve yourself and your abs will eventually come out.

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Athletes, on the other hand, have abs as a side effect of all the physical work they do. Their bodies are a result of not just working out at the gym, but by moving in all planes of motion for their respective sports. In other words, it’s not a goal but a mere bonus of the lives they live.

If your goal is to live a fuller life, you can try as many physical activities as you can to keep yourself active. Once you start enjoying regular activities, you’ll do it not just to keep fit but because you’re having fun. That’s more sustainable than your six-pack dreams.

Living a more active-lifestyle means establishing good long term habits. A goal of getting a six-pack can make you determined to go through a lot of lengths to achieve it. But once you’ve achieved it, then what? If you did it through crash dieting and constant beastmode workouts, chances are, you’ll eventually get tired of doing all of it.

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If you overhaul your life to suit a more active lifestyle, everything else follows. From establishing better sleeping and eating habits to ensuring you follow a regular and progressive fitness routine, you’re more likely to keep going once you see results. You’ll likely skip inumans in lieu of waking up early to exercise.


It takes time to go this route but once you establish good habit, you’ll not only get in better shape, you’ll also be able to sustain it. And if you happen to see your abs pop, you’ll be seeing them for a long time.

Regular strength training prolongs your life and helps you live it to the full. Regularly lifting weights goes beyond aesthetics. According to the Harvard Medical School, we lose muscle mass as we age and regular strength training helps keep muscle mass while preparing our bodies to maintain strength and move with ease as we notch years in our lives.

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A well-rounded lifting program is practical in our everyday lives too. You’ll be strong enough to lift groceries, the couch, the baby, and even your wife. Strong legs will let you run without pain and help you hike kills and mountains when you travel.

So this 2017, think of living a fuller life when you establish your fitness goals. And if you happen to see your abs again? Whatta bonus!

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