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Pack Your Pad With These 10 Man-Cave Must-Haves

Essentials for your newfound independence
by KC Calpo | Nov 26, 2016
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So you got yourself a new apartment or home—or, at the very least, claimed a room in the house to call yours, and only yours. Congratulations!

Seriously though. It’s not easy to get your own space in a megacity of almost 13 million people. And now that you have it, your first order of business should be to get your bachelor pad the way you’ve always imagined it would look!

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We won’t judge you if you go all out on the outlandish and/or nerdy decor. OK, we’re lying; we’ll definitely judge you. But if you’re the sensible and budget-conscious type, here are 10 suggestions for ‘ya.

If you’re looking for home-entertainment stuff, check out our previous article on the tech toys you didn’t know you even wanted.


Soft landing

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All man-caves require a nice and comfy couch that can fit the whole barkada! Mandaue Foam’s  modular Matteo sofa will seat everyone and serve as an instant bed for your drunk friends (never ever drink and drive, guys!). However, you better claim that longer portion for yourself ASAP. Otherwise, everyone will try to call dibs on your spot.

Also, we like its PhP41,100 price tag as much as the couch itself. Use Mandaue Foam’s Store Finder to see where you can score this sofa.

Beady bean

Some people aren’t couch people; they prefer having something all to themselves. Muji’s Beads Sofa is perfect for your selfish friends: it wraps around the body like a nice and warm hug; and it’s big enough for anyone to lounge in, or even catch a few zzzzzs. But we see a problem with it, even before you go out to buy it: you may never want to get up from this bean bag.

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Visit your nearest Muji store to see it in person, and maybe take it home.

Open bar

Now that seating’s taken care of, it’s time for another man-cave staple: alcohol. Specifically, where to stash your liquor stash and prep your drinks. The BLIMS Viggo Bar Table was made for wine lovers, but really, whatever liver-buster you have would do just fine on it. It can also store your liquor glasses, giving you more space in your new space for other necessary items.

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Get it for PhP19,498 at any BLIMS store nationwide.

You got balls, son

A tepid drink is a shitty drink, but we’re not too keen on having our libations diluted by ice cubes. Gents, we give you the aptly named Balls of Steel Whiskey Chiller and Napa Wine Chiller, made to keep your drinks as cool as you are. Simply put these balls in a freezer for an hour and a half, then dunk ‘em into your whiskey or wine glass. The result: pure chill.

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Buy them online at the Balls of Steel website. Right now the whiskey and wine chillers are priced at US$22.49 (around PhP1,100 minus shipping) each.


Grill it

Moving on to the munchies. When you and your friends are fighting off an extreme case of the hangries, use the Imarflex GL-2600 Griller and Skillet. It’s large enough to serve the whole group with your preferred grub, and cooks your food five ways. It also has variable temp control so you’ll have your eats just the way you like them.

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Look for the Imarflex GL-2600 at any home appliance or department store. We also found a listing for it on Lazada, with a PhP2,700 selling price.

Don’t hold the door

The French doors of the 611-liter Samsung RF60J9070SR fridge conceal the treasures inside: your food and drinks, spread out across two sections and multiple shelves. The whole fridge is kept cool and odor-free with Samsung’s Triple Cooling System, and the bottom-right storage has four temperature settings so your food is stored and cooled as appropriate. And oh, hello, ice maker!

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We don’t have the deets on the refrigerator’s price, so you’ll need to visit a Samsung store or partner retailer for that.

Full display

We’ve got food and drinks covered; now it’s time for storage. Man caves get real messy, you know. Keep all your books, magazines, games, toys, and other man-cave musts in one place with SM Home’s Fensor Display Cabinet! Four levels and seven storage areas give you enough room for everything you want your bros to see. As for the things you don’t want your girl to see... you’re on your own, pal.

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Visit any SM Home branch to check it out. Price tag? PhP16,950. Not bad at all.

Great substitute

Want to class up your bachelor pad? Most go for stuffed animal heads, but we’re not fans of taxidermy, so we’re going for the crafty, cardboard kind. Cardboard Safari’s Toro Bull Head would look real nice on your wall, and send the message to others that your man cave is also an animal-friendly zone.

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You can buy this fake head at the Cardboard Safari website, and choose between three sizes. The Junior goes for US$30 (around PhP1,500), the Large for US$60 (around PhP3,000), and the Giant for US$125 (around PhP6,200). Quirks Novelties and Curiosities also has the Junior Toro Bull Head on stock and sells it for PhP2,250.

What’s your game?

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Guys, you can’t have your friends over and just eat and drink. You’ll need excellent games as well. Aside from having that gaming console and preferred titles on hand, we say you need a board and card game library, too. We already made a list of card games to try out at parties, but that list needs to be updated with new decks. Like Codenames (Philippine Edition), which can either make you a true game master or make you lose a few friends.

Get this deck at Gaming Library for PhP1,000.

Post these

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We’re tired of seeing bachelor pads with movie posters, blown-up photos of celebrities, travel photos, or tacky man-cave-y decor on the walls. If you’re into space exploration, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (yep, the group you saw trying to get Matt Damon back in The Martian) has made available 14 space travel-themed posters on its website, all with a 20” x 30” print size and amazing designs.

The best part? They’re all FREE! Download the 641MB file for all posters here, print them out, and hang them on the walls. You’re welcome.


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