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Metro Manila As A Ghost Town During Holy Week

Every year, the city seems to fall into a peaceful yet eerie state of equilibrium
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 17, 2017
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Those who went out of town for the Holy Week break ended up regretting an early Maundy Thursday morning departure, as roads leading to provinces were crowded with traffic caused by the mass exodus.

What's new, right?

With everyone either having already left for the beach or happy just holing up in their rooms, Metro Manila was reduced to a ghost town straight out of a post-apocalyptic movie, minus the brain-hungry undead or nuclear warfare, of course.

The familiar hustle and bustle of the urban jungle was almost nonexistent, with only flashes of speeding automobiles and jaywalking passersby. For those who enjoy the quiet, it was just like heaven. 


The haunting tranquility that took over the streets can easily make one think that religion is the solution to the never-ending gridlocks and road rage. If we could only let Jesus take the wheel...

Peaceful yet eerie, there was a surreal quality to the city's stasis. 

No matter what religion you belong to, taking a stroll downtown and wandering around the streets of Manila during Holy Week can be a spiritual experience. Hell, after all, is other people. 


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