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Nuke Tests Declassified, A Volcano Street View, And A Naughty Snow Plow

Nature is both crazy and beautiful
by Andrei Medina | Mar 16, 2017
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If you’re into watching military stuff then you’re in for a treat. Greg Spriggs, a weapon physicist from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory along with his team has just released some of the US Army’s most devastating nuclear tests for everyone to see.

Spriggs decided to upload the declassified films to give others the chance to closely study nuclear tests since none of these were being carried out anymore.

The films were taken during active nuclear tests dating back from 1945 to 1962 and were already decomposing and nearing the point where they were unusable when Spriggs found them.

Most of the films were shot in black and white, some in color but the ones declassified are just a portion of the estimated 10,000 films taken during 200 live tests.

When you’re done with the films, you might also be interested in getting up close and personal with a lava-spewing volcano crater. It’s a little bit different compared to the nuclear tests but it offers some similarities, too.

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Just check out these recently released images on Google’s Street View of Marum Crater on Ambyrm Island in Vanuatu to get a feel of being inside the crater of an actively raging volcano.


Now, we’re not sure if these nuclear tests and volcanic activity have caused damage to our atmosphere and somehow caused global warmingm, but the weather right now is weird, especially in the US.

New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts were recently battered by a blizzard, which naturally caused streets to be buried under heaps of snow.

Thankfully for them, Pornhub came to the rescue, sending in some plow trucks to take care of business. Now that’s some great advertising.

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